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CV Text Search (Boolean)

Your Influence Professional software has a very powerful CV text search facility (although it is not activated on all systems #1) which allows you to search through the text of CVs within Influence. This relies upon the Microsoft Indexing service which needs to be installed and configured on the server. 

Note: The indexing service needs to be setup on whichever machine is acting as the Influence server.

How to use the CV text Search

The CV text search is available from two places within the database.
a) From the [Candidate] Workbench using the CV Text [ _______ ] field    or
b) From the CV Text page of a Candidate search screen.


In the large white box labelled CV, type the details of the search you wish to perform and then click the Search button to perform the text search.

Please Note: If you choose copy and paste the search string into Influence from a WORD document please ensure Smart Quotes are turned off, this is a Word feature, you can follow the link below for further guidance: 


Examples of Searches

AND - use this to search for several terms within the CV all of which must be present
         e.g. SQL and MICROSOFT    will pull back CVs which have SQL and MICROSOFT in them

OR - use this to search for several terms any of which can be present.
e.g. SQL or MICROSOFT will retrieve any CVs with SQL in them and any CVs with MICROSOFT in them.  This will be a bigger list than the previous (and) query.

NOT - use this to exclude CVs with this word in them. E.g. NOT KENT, will find any CVs that do NOT have the word KENT in them.

e.g.  (LINUX AND SQL) AND NOT KENT will retrieve CV’s with Linux & SQL, that do not have the word Kent in them.


#1  It is not always possible to setup the Microsoft Indexing service on your Influence server, especially if the server is used for other applications as well as Influence. Often the service may have been setup or configured by your IT suppliers to perform another function and in this case it is not always possible for Influence to use the service as well. 

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