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Timed Rates

After version a new feature has been added to allow users to specify Times against a client at which certain rates will apply.

After the feature has been extended to allow Fixed Hours
You can find out more about Fixed Hours by looking at the article HERE.


You might have a client where the basic and overtime rates vary across the week, according to the pattern below.

Mon-Fri:  Basic Rate = 09:00-18:00, O/Time = 18:00-09:00
Sat :    Basic Rate = 09:00-16:00, O/Time=16:00-09:00
Bank Hol:  Basic Rate = 10:00-14:30, O/Time=14:30-10:00


Parameter PAYROLLB - Flag 47  is used to enable this option.

Parameter PAYROLLB - Flag 48 is used to define the sequence that is used to remove breaks from the times.

Parameter PAYROLLB - Flag 49 is used determine if items which go over into the following day are treated as such (or not.). NB: After Version this midnight switch-over can be controlled by SITE.

e.g. If you work from 22:30 on Friday to 02:45 Saturday is the whole shift treated as "Friday" or is some of it treated as "Saturday". (1.5Hrs Friday, 2.45Hrs Saturday)

Defining Times

Go to the [Rates] page of a client record and click the [Rate Times] button at the bottom of the page.

Once the Booking Rates page opens, you can then begin to specify the Days/times when particular rates will apply AT THIS CLIENT. (Or Fixed Hours)

In the example above you can see that the following Day/time combinations apply.

Mon-Fri   Basic                  :  08:00-17:00
Mon-Fri   Overtime          :  17:00-23:00  
 (<< NB: This is not a Good setup)
Saturday  Basic                :  09:00-18:00
Sunday   Basic                  :  07:00-21:00
Saturday Overtime         :  18:00-09:00
Sunday Overtime            :  21:00-07:00
Bank Holiday Basic        :  10:00-16:00
Bank Holiday Overtime:  16:00-10:00

These times apply to ANY Shift (You can specify different times for different shifts using the Shift [          ] drop-down at the bottom left.

Use the Start/End columns to set the times applicable to that rate, and use the Days columns (Mon/Tue Wed etc) to specify which days the rate applies to.
The BH column indicates the rate applies to Bank Holidays - which could be any day.

(In the example above the Mon-Fri rates do not cover the full 24Hr period. This is poor practice. Any hours falling outside of those specified will be allocated against the "Basic" Rate, so if someones worked from 20:00 - 01:00 they would accrue 3Hrs of Overtime and 2Hrs of Basic for the hours between 23:00 -> 01:00)


The Sequence column at the right hand end is important. It should be used to specify the order in which the system should try to allocate/check the times. It is usually best to set this to that the most infrequent rates (e.g. Bank Holiday / Sun / Sat ) are checked first.

The sequence is also used to determine from which rate any BREAK should be removed (in conjunction with parameter  PAYROLLB - Flag 48 as mentioned above.

NOTE: For Bank Holidays  you need to let influence know which days are the Bank Holidays, which is done via Maintenance > Setup > Parameters.
Select the
[Date] tab and enter the dates of the bank holidays

Setting Up Timed Rate Change at Midnight.

When using the Timed Rates feature, it was possible to specify if the Timed Rate Day changes after midnight or not [Parameter PayrollB, Flag(49)].  After version this feature has now been enhanced so that it is possible to control this Site-by-Site rather than overall.

On the [Accounts] tab of the site, user can choose how timed rates are applied, with choices for Yes, No or 'As Main Branch'

The effect of splitting at Midnight can be seen in the two examples below:

Example 1: Rate does NOT change at midnight - all Hours are at 'Overtime' rate

Example 2: Rate does change at midnight - some hours are at overtime, some at weekend Night (since it rolls over from Friday night into Saturday)


Using the facility is simply a case of making a booking as you normally would. When the system makes the booking it will attempt to put the booked hours against the relevant rate based on the day/time that has been booked.


In the example above a booking has been made from on Friday 22nd Feb at 20:00 until 05:00 Sat 23rd Feb, with a 30 min Break.
Because of the Times,  4.5 Hrs (00:00-05:00, less 30 mins Break) are treated as Saturday and then the remaining 4 Hrs (20:00-00:00) are treated as OVERTIME (Mon-Fri).

IMPORTANT >> In this instance the system checks for the "Saturday" hours first, and then deals with the remainder, due to the sequence. This highlights the importance of setting the sequence correctly when configuring the rate times to ensure the system works in the way you would want.


Assume the following Rate-Times are setup:
BASIC:  08:00-18:00 (Mon-Fri)                      Saturday: 09:00-18:00   (Sat)
EVENING: 18:00-00:00 (Mon-Fri)                 Sat Night: 18:00-09:00   (Sat)
NIGHT: 00:00-08:00 (Mon-Fri)

If a candidate is booked to work from (Friday) 16:30 -> 02:30 (Saturday) the system can allocate the hours in two different ways, depending upon the setting of PayrollB - Flag(49)

Option A: Roll-over hours (Payroll_B,(49)= ticked)

Basic (M-F) : 1.5 Hrs
Evening (M-F): 6 Hrs
Sat Night (Sat): 2.5Hrs     <= Because from 0:00-02:30 is actually on Saturday

Option B: Keep hours on Same Day (Payroll_B,(49)= un-ticked)

Basic (M-F) : 1.5 Hrs
Evening (M-F): 6 Hrs
Night (Mon-Fri): 2.5Hrs  <= Using the Mon-Fri rates even though the time is actually Sat.


The rate times will be applied when the booking is made, but are ALSO applied during timesheet entry. When using timesheet entry you must enter the times using the 'Cobim' sheet (i.e. click the little 'Timesheet' icon and enter times into the top of the grid)  

NB: After version it is possible to edit the times on a line-by-line basis - previous versions do not allow this.

Once the 'Combi' sheet is open, simply enter the relevant times.


At a client, the times might be setup as below:
Basic: 08:00-18:00
Time and a Half: 00:00-06:00

A booking might be made initially to work from 15:00 - 01:00 (60 min Break), which would give:   BASIC = 7Hrs,  TIME and a HALF = 1Hrs 

but..when the timesheet comes in it shows they worked until 02:00. If you edit the End time, then the rates would get adjusted as
BASIC = 7Hrs,  TIME and a HALF = 2Hrs 

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