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Calculator (Simple Mode)

Within Influence there is  Calculator which can be used to calculate rates and margins.
It is now possible to open this calculator in either SIMPLE mode or ADVANCED mode.


The mode in which the calculator opens (SIMPLE/ADVANCED) is controlled by a parameter.   Calculator > Flag(6)


In SIMPLE mode the calculator will look as below:

In ADVANCED mode the calculator will look like this.

Whichever mode the calculator initially opened with you can switch to the other mode using the Advanced / Simple  button at the bottom left.

The Calculator  button will open the Windows calculator for you.

Restricted Mode

In some instances, the calculator will be called in a restricted mode and users will not be able to change the calculation type between Margin/Markup/Uplift

Restricted mode will apply when the calculator is opened from within a Booking entry form with the cursor in one of the RATE fields *IF* the client has had a Markup/Margin specified on the [Accounts] tab of their record.

See below:


Client 'Big Secret' has been setup to apply a fixed Markup on bookings

In the Booking Entry form the cursor was sat in the Basic Pay Rate field when the calculator was called.

In this case, the Markup/Margin/Uplift radio-buttons are greyed-out, since Markup has been specified on the client.

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