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Can't Login to Influence Database

I can't Login to Influence

When you click the Influence icon on your desktop to login to the database you will see one of two different screens.
In particular if you are using the THINHOST (Hosted Desktop) version of Influence you will be prompted with the second
screen style periodically for security purposes and is a feature of windows not under our control.

1) The 'normal' Influence login screen.


If you see this screen with the big, purple Influence logo you will simply need to enter your Logon/Password for the
database.  (This is often your initials.  eg Martin Walters may have  Logon: MW   Password: MW )


2) Sometimes you may see a different login screen showing a computer keyboard and some 1's/0's
If you see this screen you will need to enter a different password (i.e. not your normal logon / initials)

In this case the system will normally display the Server, Login and Password.
You will need to enter the password required to connect to the database server, and not your normal login.
For Thinhost/hosted desktop customers this is your Thinhost password, e.g. R3dPlat3


This password will have been setup when the database was first installed, and will be known by your system administrator or your normal IT Support provider. (NB: Influence support does not always keep a note of these as they can change from time to time.)

Note: If you are using our Cloud Desktop (Thinhost) solution, then the Login/Password will be your login/password that you use to connect to your Thinhost Cloud Desktop.


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  1. Rhonda Ferteklis

    We had a power cut off. when I went back to log in it will not allow me because it states locate session 191 and apply the changes