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KCML Client Installation

Installing the KCML Client (K7 Connector)

If you are unable to launch second sessions from within Influence such as the Alert Manager, follow the below then proceed with the installation:

Navigate to Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features > locate 'KCML KClient' or 'Personal KCML' and uninstall.

Installing KCML

Open the link below in a new tab, this will take you to the downloads page, proceed with downloading the K7 Connector.exe

The link below should take you to the right page for the download\downloads\K7Connector.exe

After the download, return to this page and continue with the guide below:-

Step 1

After the download is complete, open the Downloads folder (right-click on the download) and RUN the K7 Connector as the windows 'Administrator' User.

(If you do not know the 'Administrator' login for your PC, you can try simply running the install, but it MAY not work - see step 3)

Step 2

Click [Next]

Step 3
Select 'Everyone who uses this computer (this will allow second sessions from within Influence).
(If you tried to install this as yourself rather than using 'Run as administrator and it does not allow you to choose 'Everyone ( ) - then you will need to contact your IT support provider and get them to install this using the 'Run as administrator' method instead, and then choose 'Everyone' )

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Choose files or drag and drop files
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