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Confirm Booking Schedule to Worker

It is often useful to be able to confirm a list of upcoming bookings to a worker. If you wish to confirm a booing schedule to a worker showing their bookings over the coming weeks, this is now possible.

After version it is possible to use the summary View  within bookings (Temp Centre) to confirm multiple bookings to candidates.

How to confirm Multiple bookings from Booking Schedule

Select the TEMP CENTRE, and then choose the [VIEWS]  workbench.
Choose the SUMMARY style of view and set a date range.

This will display a list of all temps who have working time bookings between the specified dates. (See below)

Once you have a list of all the candidates with bookings between the chosen dates, you can then click the Macro button and pass the email addresses into the macro manager.

See below

From here, you can choose a CALL TYPE, and then apply a template.

The template can show a list of ALL the bookings for each candidate within the chose date range.

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