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Outlook Sync Agent

Parameter to turn on Outlook sync agent:

Workbench flag 10

Then click 'Home' on workbench and select the 'House' icon to open the My Profile page

At the top of the My Profile page is a field called 

[Username] - this needs to be set to be the same as your Username in Outlook.  This can be found in the Outlook options. (For example in MS Office 2019, choose File > Options, and then use [General] to see the User Name.)

At the bottom left of the My Profile page is a button labelled Setup

Click Setup to select MS Outlook folders to be monitored/scanned by the Sync Agent. Select the required folders and then use add/remove.

Set 'Go Back' to 0 (zero) days.

NOTE: When selecting folders we recommend Inbox, sent items and deleted items.

(TIP:  Setup can also be accessed from the bottom right when on the workbench. )

Highly recommended to untick the Active search and make sure it doesn't scan.

Once setup is complete click 'Active' to start Sync Agent.

Choose files or drag and drop files
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