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Contact Control

The system allows users with administrator privileges to use the Contact control features. It is possible to set the system to control or restrict the calling of companies and contacts and the system will warn users if they try to contact a company that they shouldn't.
(This feature is only available for systems since ver or later. From version or later, the ability to hide Journals has been added.)


1. Open the company record and use the drop-down at the top centre of the screen to select the contact control method.
NB: Only users who have the 'Contact Controller' ability ticked on their user login record will see this field.

2. Choose one of the contact control options:

Call info Hidden: Hides all telephone/email addresses from view so users cannot see them.
Check Journals: When a user opens this company the system will display a warning box stating "Check Journals"
Do Not Call: Will hide all the call info (same as call info hidden)
Selected Call Access: This will display a red X to all users unless they are the owner of the client/contact and will not let them log a journal.
Call with Caution - Displays an orange ! next to the phone numbers and warns users if they try to log a journal.

From version or later

Hide Journals: The Journals tab will be hidden from the Company record and from the Contact record when opened. 

When viewing companies/contacts using either the [Companies] or [Contacts] workbench, the system will display the same warning/control icons.

How it Works

Within Maintenance > Setup > Codes Tables there is a code table called Contact Control [417]

If you select this code table and tick the 'Extra Info' box you can see the columns which control what each code does.


From version or later, the 'Hide Journals' column has been added. Putting a 1.0 in this column activates the feature.

The database comes with some of these codes pre-configured but it is possible to add other codes with different combinations if desired.

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