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EVERTIME - Troubleshooting Reports (IQ) TEMPS

If you are using Evertime as your timesheet entry system and it is integrated with your Influence database, these reports will be useful.

They provide ways to check which bookings have been sent/posted to Evertime and will display details of returned error messages for bookings which failed to import into Evertime.


Currently there are 5 reports to help with data checking:

- Evertime All Booking Status (ETALLBOOK)

- Evertime All Posted Bookings (ETALLPOST)

- Evertime Posted no Response (ETNOPOST)

- Evertime Successful Postings (ETOKPOST)

- Evertime Posting Errors (ETPOSTERR)

Each of these reports is attached to this article. If these reports are not already on your system, then download the reports onto your local PC and install them.

To install the reports simply drag/drop the downloaded files into Influence and drag.drop them onto the [I Query] screen. 

This article HERE will explain how to install your IQ reports if you need further help.

Running the Reports

To run the report choose the report from the left, then click [Run] at the bottom of the screen. When prompted for any dates enter them, and choose to run the report to Workbench.

Once the report has finished running click [Cancel] on the pop-up window, then re-select the report from the left to see the output.

Example of Evertime All Booking Status report

This is probably the most useful report. It will show details of any bookings in the chosen date range and confirmation that they were posted (or not) and any error messages.

We suggest that you run the Evertime All Booking Status report regularly in order to see which booking have/have not posted to Evertime.

Explanation of Error codes

Posted but not yet processed by Evertime = The posted flag has been set to "Y". Under normal circumstances, it would mean that either Evertime has not yet processed the posting or Evertime is down or the web is down.

Not yet confirmed = Not yet posted.

Posted OK = As it says.

Anything else is the returned error from Evertime. Users should contact Evertime if they require a more detailed explanation of what the error code means.

Examples of Errors

Below are some examples of the error messages returned by Evertime when you run the report  'Evertime  All Bookings Status'. After the report has been run simply 'hover' the cursor over the message to see the full details:

i) Error Details: Must have an email address if communication method set to 'Email'; Value is:False

A: Basically this is saying that the CONTACT at the client record where this booking has been made does not have an email address. To 'Fix' the issue simply go into the Client record in Influence and make sure the contact has an email address.

ii) Error Details: Postal Code is Required ; Value is:False

A: Check the Postcode of the Client/Site for this booking - Evertime will reject any booking where postcodes are not present.


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