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Worker History Tab on Client Record

After version, a new TAB has been made available on the Client record which will show details of workers who have been booked at the client.

When opened from the TEMP CENTRE, the radio-button at the top right will default to Booked workers ( ). If changed to Placements ( ) then the tab will display details of Permanent/Contract placements made at this client rather than Temporary workers.

The [Worker History] tab shows the following information

Worker  - the name of the worker.

Rank - the ranking for this worker (Thumbs up/down)

First/Last - the dates of the first/last booking for the worker at this site.

Ref - the reference number of this worker in the Influence database.

Pay Type - the pay type for the worker (usually PAYE/Umbrella/Ltd)

Pay Ref - the Payroll Reference number for this worker.

National Insurance - details of the NI number for this worker.

Notes - details of any notes recorded on the booking match. Double-click to add notes.

Additional Features

As well as displaying a lots of historically booked workers, this tab also allows a couple of other useful features.

[Excel] - this will allow users to export the displayed list of worker information directly into MS Excel.

[Add To] - this can be used to add the displayed list of workers into a GROUP. The GROUP can then be seen or displayed from the [Candidates] / [Workers] workbenches in the normal way.

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