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Fixed Hours / Timed Rates

After version the Timed Rate feature has been extended to allow user to specify Fixed Hours.

If it possible to setup the times against a client so that bookings will always be charged at a minimum of 8 Hrs, and that any hours over this will then be charged at Overtime Rate.

So, a Booking from 09:00 - 14:00 with 30-min break is actually, 4.5 Hrs, but would be charged at 8 Hrs


In order to use the Fixed hours feature, you will need to turn-on the "Timed Rates" 

Parameter PAYROLLB - Flag 47  is used to enable this option.

For more info about setup, see the article about Timed Rates.


Go to a client record, choose the [Rates] tab and click the [Rate Times] button at the bottom of the screen.

When the screen opens, use the drop-down to select Hours - see below.

Against each rate you have 4 choices.

No Restrictions - you can book and enter whatever hours you like.

Minimum Hours - Specify the MINIMUM Hours that will be booked. Whatever Start/end time is entered the system will book at least this many hours.

Overtime on Booked Hours - At timesheet entry, the system will put any hours which exceed the originally booked hours into overtime.

Overtime on Set Hours - At timesheet entry, the system will put hours which exceed the specified number of hours into this rate.

You can specify which days these restrictions apply to by placing a Green tick into the relevant box.

Client vs System default

When setting these rate/Hours rules it is possible to set them on a specific client, or as an overall (default) rule.

To set rate/hours for a client go to the client, choose the [Rates] tab and click the [Rate Times] button.

To Set the overall SYSTEM default (which then applies to ALL clients) go to
Maintenance > Tools > Pay and Charge Rates, then set the HOURS rules in there.

Example Setup - 8Hrs Minimum then Overtime

Below is an example of how you might set the system up so that all bookings are for a minimum of 8 Hrs, and that anything over 8Hrs is put into the appropriate 'Overtime' Rate.

Notice how there are two lines, acting as a pair. i.e.
Basic Pay Rate   => Minimum hours (8:00) Mon-Fri
Time And Half => Overtime on Set Hours (8:00)  Mon-Fri

Examples of Bookings using these Rules

Example 1

In the example below a booking has been made from 09:00 - 14:00
The Booking shows that 8 Hours have been booked, even though the times are less than this. (i.e. 8Hrs Minimum)

Example 2

In this example a worker has been booked from 09:00 - 18:30 (no break). The hours exceed the 8Hrs minium, and so 8Hrs are booked at BASIC, and any hours exceeding 8 are booked at Time and Half.

i.e. Basic = 8 hrs, time and half = 1.5 hrs

Examples of Timesheet Entry using these Rules

When using these Fixed Hours/Minimum hours setup, it is best to enter timesheets using the Times

In the example below you can see that the start/End have been set to 09:00-14:00 on Wed, but that the BASIC shows 8Hrs worked.

Changing the times to 09:00-16:30 would still show 8Hrs, as that is the minimum.

Any entries where the hours are different than the start/end times (plus break) are shown in red.

NOTE: At timesheet entry you can FORCE the system to ignore the rules by keying in the actual hours worked, so entering 7.5 into the BASIC hrs box would record (and timesheet) 7.5 hours since you are effectively over-riding the calculations and telling the system the ACTUAL hours to record.

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