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Assignments/Research Projects

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Adding Vacancies/Assignments and linking people to the Assignment

The influence database contains a Research / Assignment module (sometimes known as headhunt) which allows user to select a mixture of Contacts/Canddiates/Companies to be considered for a position.

Adding the Assignment/Vacancy

  1. Go into a Company record, choose the vacancies page and click [New] at the bottom left to add the new Vacancy. Complete as much detail as you can using the top section of the screen (e.g. ROLE, Description, Type, CVs To and salary/rates )
  2. Then click the [Research] button to turn this into an assignment.


Extra’s/Options when adding the assignment.

- If you have a job spec/document releating to this assignment you can Drag/Drop the document onto the big white “Job Spec” area to store this document and make a ‘Talented Group’ branded version.

- You can use the Documents page of the vacancy to store any documentation relating to this project – simply Drag/Drop files onto this Documents page to store them.

- You can use the ‘Advertising’ page of the vacancy to store details of the text that you publish as a vacancy. This might for example be a copy of the text that you post onto Monster of CV library.


Managing the Assignment/Vacancy Research List

When the Assignment screen appears you will initially use the Research List page to create a list of either people you wish to approach or Companies you wish to speak with.

Use the Search [Candidates] or [Contacts] buttons to search and find existing record in the database and link them to the assignment.

Use the Add [New Company] button to add the name of a company you know you wish to approach, but who are not yet on the database.

Use the [Existing Company] or [Existing Contact] in order to add the name of an Existing Company already on the database or an already existing Contact

Note: Another way of creating the initial research list is to Import a list of contacts/companies from an MS Excel spreadsheet. You can use the [Import] button at the bottom right to import this list.
NB: The list must be in a specific format with the correct column headings/layout and must be saved as a *.xls file (ie MS Excel 97-2003 and not the newer *.xlsx format from Excel 2007 onwards) – you can find an example of the template using Maintenance>Tools>Client/Contact import from Excel. When the option opens, click the [New[ button to open a blank template for importing.

Once people/companies are on the Research project list, you can call them by using the phone icon at the right hand end, and logging notes about the calls you’ve made.
In the case of a COMPANY, if you have phoned the Company and found the name of a specific contact, you can Right-Click on the Company name in the grid, and choose “Add Contact” – this will then show details of the specific person to whom you now wish to PITCH.

Once a CONTACT has decided that they wish to be considered for the role then tick the ‘Cand’ column and the system will crreate them as a Candidate on the system.

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