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Compliance Item Reset after XX Days without a Booking

A new feature has been added to allow users to get the system to re-set a compliance item on a client record after a set number of days with no booking.

A typical example of this would be to get the system to Reset a "Credit Check" item if there had been no bookings at the client for more than 90 days.

System Setup

Go to Maintenance > Setup > Compliance Setup.

Use the [...] button and select the Compliance Item which you wish to be reset.
Use the field labelled Booking Reset Days [   ] to specify the number of days without a booking after which the item will be reset.

Usage - How it Works

When you attempt to make a booking on a client, the system will first check the date of the 'last' (i.e. most recent) booking.

If the date of this booking is more than the specified number of days ago, then the system will display a warning similar to the example below:

If recent bookings exist (i.e. within XX days), then the compliance item will be checked in the normal way.
If there are no recent bookings, then the system will look at the date that the compliance item was completed to see if that is 'recent.

Only if BOTH the bookings and the date of the check are not "recent" does the system display the warning and then un-tick the compliance item, effectively forcing it to be manually rechecked and applied.

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