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Connecting Smartphones & Tablets to Influence Virtual (email)

Connecting Smartphones & Tablets to ThinHost email

Please note: We do not provide technical support for smartphones or tablets. Any setup queries should be directed to your mobile phone carrier or hardware reseller.


  • E-mail address: your main e-mail address
  • Your name: your first and last name
  • Account name: ThinHost
  • E-mail server (or Exchange server):
  • Username: THINHOST\[username] (e.g. THINHOST\jbloggs)
  • Password: your ThinHost password
  • SSL (or Secure SSL): if prompted, you should select this option
  • SMTP server (if required):
  • SMTP server port (if required): 2525


Further Information:

  • Some devices will allow you to wirelessly synchronise your Outlook contacts and calendar, but not all.
  • Some devices will allow you to synchronise your Outlook inbox with your smartphone or tablet inbox. Others will download an independent copy of your e-mails meaning changes, deletions, sent items etc. will not be synchronised.
  • Some devices will allow you to view your Outlook subfolders and sent items. Others will only provide access to the inbox.
  • The following e-mail connection protocols are enabled by ThinHost:
    • Exchange
    • IMAP4
    • POP3

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