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SMS "OK" to Confirm Bookings

A new feature has been added to allow workers to confirm their acceptance of a booking by SMS. If the message "OK#" is received in an SMS reply, then the system will set the status of a booking to a specific value (e.g. 'Accepted'). It is also possible to send "NO#" to reject a booking, which will set it to a different status (e.g. Rejected)

# is the Day which is being accepted. (e.g. OK12 would indicate accepting a booking on 12th of the month.)

Note: When sending the reply, if the day is prior to the day on which the reply is received, then the date is treated as being the following month.


Go to Maintenance > Setup > Parameters.

Select Parameter TEMPS, Text(14) and set the Statuses to which bookings will be set for OK/NO.     (Valid values are Z1, Z2....Z9)

Example: Setting the parameter to Z3/Z8 would set the status to Z3 for "OK" and Z8 for "NO"

i.e. When a temp sends back the word "OK" or "NO" to a booking text, the system will set the relevant booking to the status specified by this parameter. (If the parameter is left as <Blank> then the feature is not active.)


You can send an SMS message to a worker with details of their booking for a particular dayIn the message you can ask them to reply with OK# if they accept this booking.

When the reply containing the text 'OK#' is received, the system will look for a bookings for that worker which occurs on the day specified by the number # and update the status.

If there are multiple bookings on the same day, the reply will update the one which occurs first. (A second message of OK# for the same day would update the second booking)

IF a worker sends a reply of simply "OK" (i.e. With no the day specified) the syste will first check for a booking 'Tomorrow' (the dat after the reply is received). If there are no bookings tomorrow - on the day the reply is received, and will set the status of that booking to whatever was specified in TEMPS,Text(14).


Doris Orchard is booked to work on Thur 4th March.
She is sent an SMS on Wed 3rd March asking if she wishes to work on Thur 4th.

If Doris replies OK  then the systyem will set the status of the booking on 4th March to "Z1" (which in this case has been set to mean 'OK'd by Text')

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