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RATE Card Auto Fill

When setting up RATE CARDS for clients, it is possible to get the system to "Auto-Fill" the Card, based upon some 'RULES'

e.g. If Overtime rate is always 1.5x the 'Basic' rate, and Sat/Sun is always Double the 'Basic' rate, then this can bet setup, and entering 'Basic' will automatically fill-in the other rates.

The feature is controlled with some system settings and parameters which are described below:


Login as a high level user (such as ADM) and go to

Maintenance > Setup > Code Tables

Open the code table Pay Code [154] and tick the 'Extra Info[  ]' box
Use the column labelled 'Multiplier' and set this appropriately for any Rates which you wish to be calculated from 'Basic' rate, and leave as ZERO for others.

Next go to Maintenance > Setup > Parameters

Open the parameter set PAYROLL, and set PAYROLL, Flag(8) to Y  

This tells the system to use Multipliers


To use the Auto Fill feature for Rate cards, all you need to do is start creating a rate card.
Got to the [Rates] tab of a client record and click <<Add>>
When you being to create the Rate Card, as soon as you enter a value for the BASIC rate, it will auto-fill down the column and set the rates for others, based on the multiplier.

e.g.  Type a Pay Rate of £10.00 to fill-down the PAY column,
Type a Charge Rate of £14.35 to fill-down the CHARGE Column.



It is possible to set values on the [Accounts] tab of a client record  which will auto-calculate the Charge Rate using the 'Pay' Rate.

You can set the Uplift Type to Margin% or Markup %, and then set a value.

NOTE: When calculating Charge Rates You need to take account of NI, WTD and Pension contributions as well, when working out the Margin% (or Markup%)
We recommend you use the [Calculator] button at the bottom of the Edit Rates screen to help with calculating the correct Margin% (or Markup%) if you wish to use this.

Tip: It is often easier to ignore this feature, and simply key-in the relevant 'Basic' Pay Rate/Charge Rate rather then trying to be too clever and get everything auto-calculated.


As well as the  Auto Fill feature for Rate cards, there is a useful COPY RATES feature at the top-right of the Rate card.

This means that once a particular set of Rates has been completed they can be copied to one of the other TYPES

e.g. You could complete the LTD Co. Rates and then copy all those figures into the Umbrella Co. Rates without the need to re-key them.

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