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Cognito Forms - Merge Field List

This article contains a list of common Merge fields which you may want to add to your Cognito Form. These fields need to be added to your form as Calculation Fields and should immediately precede the field containing the actual data you wish to capture.

One of these fields marked as [Internally] needs to precede every Database field


Below is an example of how you should setup the Calculation field within your form to indicate that the next field contains data to be imported into Influence. When adding these fields make sure that the Type is Text  (not Yes/No, Number, etc.)

Web Form Fields (Tags)

Below are listed the most common fields for each of the areas of the system that the form information can be uploaded into.  (Click an item to jump to the section)


- List of Common Candidate Fields

- Compliance Item Fields (Any)

- Compliance Documents (Any)

- Candidate Documents (Any)

- Policy Opt In/Out (Any Policy)

- Common Company Trade Details (Bank Ac Info) Fields

- How to Find ANY field tag 

- IQ Report to Help Find/List Compliance Item CODEs

NOTE: Any fields of the candidate record which are not listed, can easily be found by looking them up within the system, and most of these can then be added and imported from the form. See here for information on how to do this.

Candidates Item Fields (Tags)

Below are a list of most of the common fields from the candidate record and the relevant Calculation field (Tag) you will need in Cognito in order to load into them.

Influence Field

Calculation field for Cognito (Tag Name)
Home Address
Home Phone
Email Address
="[[CAND_SOC_NET_SITE1]]"  or
Date of Birth
Current Role
Current Basic
Current Employer
Sought Role 2
Sought Role 3
Sought Role 4-10
Similar format to above
NI Number
Professional Ref
Summary Text
Work Area 1
Work Area 2-10
Only possible from Version or later
Repeat the above field as many times as necessary

When using the [[CAND_AREA]] field, the system will add the area to the next 'Free' slot on the candidate. i.e. If AREA 1,2 and 3 were already filled, then the information would be added as AREA 4.

When loading AREA's the Data should be the Description and not the CODE
e.g.  WMID - West Midlands  should be entered as West Midlands.

Candidate Special Fields Examples

FLD Name
Column Name
Tag Name
Summary Text
Text in this field is added to the Candidate Summary Text

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Compliance Item Fields (Tags)

Compliance Codes must be valid Compliance Codes in Compliance Setup with Portal/Form enabled  i.e.

See below for list of fields.

Column Name
Calculation field for Cognito (Tag Name)
Issue Date
Expiry Date
NB: The 'Data' field for this should be a 'Choice box' in Cognito and the choices should match the description of the stage.
Only available after v1.00.21.089
NB: If updating an existing record previous notes will be overwritten

NOTE: When adding these fields you will need to replace the XXXX with the Compliance CODE for the item, e.g. Passport might be PASS, DBS Check might be DBS, etc.

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Compliance Documents (Tags)

As well as being able to set information for compliance items, such as Issue Date, Expiry Date, etc, you can also get people to upload copies of the document itself. 

Calculation field for Cognito (Tag Name)
Compliance Document

You need to replace the XXXX with the relevant Compliance CODE

Important: Compliance Codes must be valid Compliance Codes in Compliance Setup with Portal/Form enabled (Ticked) on the Compliance definition within Influence.

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Candidate Documents (Tags)

It is possible to upload documents which will appear on the DOCS page of the candidate record. Documents can be a general document, or a specific document, linked to a defined 'Slot' on the candidate record.

Document Slot code must be a valid. (See Parameters Enigma, Candidate Documents)

Document Slot Code
Code Description
Calculation field for Cognito (Tag Name)
Original CV
Referee Document
PHOTO (Special case)
Candidate ID Photo
Any other 'Slot'
Where XXXX is replaced with the relevant 'short code' for that slot.
No Slot
Other Document

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Policy Opting In or Out

Policy Manager Code must be valid and a Published version exists

Policy Code
Code Description
Value is Yes or No
Tag Name
Privacy Note

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Candidate Company Trade Details Fields

These fields are usually seen on the 'Controls' or 'Financial' tab of the candidate record, but are actually held in a separate table. (Hence why the fields start CTD_  )

Column Name
Calculation field for Cognito (Tag Name)
Bank Account Number
="[[CTD_ BANK_AC_NO]]"
Bank Sort Code
Bank Name
VAT Number
Company Registration No
Email Address ="[[CTD_EMAIL]]"
Phone Number ="[[CTD_PHONE]]"
Website ="[[CTD_WEB]]"

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Candidate Attributes in Individual Fields Examples

Note: The 8 Character Short Code is used to import the Attributes and must be made to be unique

FLD Name
Column Name
Tag Name
Attribute (CARP) Carpentry Added
Attribute (PLUMB) Plumbing Added
Attribute (HANDY) Handyman Added

Candidate Attributes in Rating Scale Fields

Note: Rating scale field types are typically used to get a rating in a survey but can be used to import attributes. Example: Calculated Field. Note the comma delimitation


How to Find the Calculation fields (Tags) for any candidate field

You can easily find the relevant calculation field for any candidate item not listed above in the following way.

NB: Whilst most fields will work, some fields or drop-down code table selections may not be able to be imported as part of a Form import.

- Login to your database as the UserID "ADM"

- Go to Maintenance > Database Management > Table Maintenance

- Expand and select the Candidates 0001 table, then double-click the table name.

- When you see the field list displayed, scroll down to find the item you want, and click on the field name.

- Within the Column Definition for that field you will see an item labelled [Word Access]

This is the info you want as the Calculated field in Cognito, but you will need to replace ENID with CAND. 


In the example above, the 'tag' for the field Nearest Station is [[ENID_NR_STAT]] so what is needed in Cognito is  ="[[CAND_NR_STAT]]"

Remember: Whilst it will be possible to import most fields of the candidate record in this way, there may be a few fields - particularly those with a drop-down/code table that cannot be imported in this way.

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IQ Report to help Find Compliance Item Codes

When adding TAGS to the FORM to map information relating to compliance items, you need to know the CODE for Each compliance item.  e.g, A Compliance items for National Insurance No. may have a CODE of "NI"

To help find these, the attached Report can be added to the IQ Reports, and will provide a LIST of Compliance items on your system and their CODE.

To Install the Report

Simply download and Drag/Drop the attached file onto the [I Query] workbench to install the report.  It can be run using the [Run] button at the bottom of the screen, and should be run to the Workbench.

(This is only possible on systems newer than )

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