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Maximum Hours per Week (Temp Bookings)

Sometimes when making bookings it is necessary (or desirable) to limit the maximum number of hours per week that a person can work.

Examples may be Students, or those working under 'Job Seekers Allowance' schemes and suchlike.

It is possible to limit the maximum hours for workers in a couple of ways

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1. Maximum Hrs per week for Students

2. Maximum Hrs (other reasons)
  - Setup
How it Works
Specific Rules for Drivers

Maximum Hours per Week (Student)

This is controlled with parameter  

Payroll, Integer(2)
 WTD max hours/week for students in term
Used to set the number of Hrs per week that are allowed. Set this to the relevant number of hours (usually 20)
TEMPS, Priority(1)
User Priority to allow Override of  driving hours warning. *
This parameter controls the priority to Over-ride this (Student) warning. It is also used for over-riding driving hours warnings


On the candidate record, go to the [Requires] tab and tick the Student [   ] option

Any candidates set like this will display a warning if you try to book them for more than 20-Hrs. 

Certain high-priority users (as controlled with Parameter TEMPS, Pri(1) (See above).) can over-ride this warning so thast in non Term-time weeks they can be allowed to work longer hours.

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Maximum Hours per Week - Other Reasons (Job Seeker Allowance, Etc.)

There are occasions where you may want to limit the Maximum hours for reasons other than being a student. That is also possible (After version by using flags on the [Summary] tab of a candidate record.

It is possible to setup up to 5 reasons why hours may be limited, and specify the hours limit for each of those reasons.

Parameters required for setup

Enigma Vacancy Checkboxes,
Integer (1-5)

Use these parameters to indicate which of the 'Text' boxes (see below) are used to control hours
Enigma Vacancy Checkboxes,
Real (1-5)

Use these parameters to indicate the maximum Hours allowed for each of the check-boxes specified above
Enigma Vacancy Checkboxes,
Text (1-20)

Use this to label up-to 5 of the 20 possible check boxes with reasons for working hour restrictions.
TEMPS, Priority(1)
User Priority to allow Override of  driving hours warning. *
This parameter controls the priority to over-ride this warning. It is also used for over-riding driving hours warnings, and student warnings.

How it Works

Up to 5 of the 20 possible check-boxes seen on the [Summary] tab of a candidate can be labelled.

Each of these check boxes can then be referenced using Enigma Vacancy Checkboxes,
Integer (1-5) 
and the Maximum allowed hours recorded using Enigma Vacancy Checkboxes, Real (1-5)

Simply tick the relevant box to indicate that the particular worker is restricted due to that reason. If you book them for more hours than allowed during a week, a warning will be displayed but can be overridden.


John Smith is currently on a "Job Seekers" program, and only allowed to perform a maximum of 25Hrs per week of paid work.

i) Set Enigma Vacancy Checkbox(15) to be called "Job Seekers Limit"
ii) Set Enigma Vacancy Checkbox, Integer(1) as "15" to indicate this checkbox is used.
iii) Set Enigma Vacancy Checkbox, Real(1) as "25" to indicate there is a 25Hr limit

Finally, go to John Smith's record and TICK the box on the [Summary] tab to indicate he is part of the Job Seekers program.

Maximum Hours per Week (Driver)

For Class1 (HGV) drivers, there are a number of regulations relating to the maximum number of hours that can be driven and the specific number of breaks that must be taken. Your Influence system can take account of these rules and will advise if if appears that the regulations have been broken.


There are a number of parameters relating to these regulations. We do not recommend you change these

Payroll, Integer (5-13)
Number relating to driving Hours, breaks, averages, etc. These control the calculation of driving regulations.
TEMPS, Priority(1)
User Priority to allow Override of  driving hours warning. *
TEMPS, Text(2)
Password for Override of Driving warning

OptionalIt is possible to setup a User Access Control (UAC) instead of parameter TEMPS,Pri(1) to specify a LIST of users who can override rather than simply rely on a priority level.

Also, the ROLE code(s) which are used for Driving need to be flagged as being work type "D" (needs to be a capital D)

(Lower case 'd' is used for driving roles where Hours are not tracked/warned)

How It Works

When you make a booking for a Driver, if they will exceed the maximum hours, of have insufficient breaks, the system will display a warning message alerting you to the problem.

The message gives details about the date & length of breaks, as this is usually the problem. The idea is to help you spot what is causing the issue.

See below.

e.g. In this instance the issue is that the driver has had insufficient Weekly Breaks. If you look you will see that there is a run of 6 x 'Daily' Breaks which is what causes the problem in this case. (After 5 'short - daily breaks, he should have a Weekly break of 45Hrs or More)

NOTE:  It is best to ensure you are familiar with the driving regulations. If you are not there are many online resources where you can learn about this.

If you are allowed to override this warning, you will need to enter a password to allow the booking to go through. In this instance the response will be recorded as ......????

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