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Connect to your Hosted Virtual Desktop

Connect to from a PC

Open the Remote Desktop Connection application

  • Click Start > (All) Programs > Accessories > Communications > Remote Desktop Connection
    (or on newer versions of Windows, just search for Remote Desktop Connection)
  • Press 'Options' and run through the settings in the order of the list below.
 [server address] (e.g.
User name (e.g.
Display configuration
Set to Full Screen
Colour depth
Set to 32-bit
Printers’ and ‘Clipboard
Are ticked
Ensure ‘Drives’ is checked
Drop Down menu
Connect and don’t warn me
General tab

Save As

  • Click ‘Connect’
  • If you receive a warning, check the “Don’t ask me again” box and click ‘Connect’

Connect from a MAC

  • Download the Remote Desktop Connection application
TIP > Open google and search for Mircrosoft RDP client for MAC

  • Open the file you downloaded. It will expand itself into the Remote Desktop Connection dmg file.
  • Double-click the dmg to open the Remote Desktop Connection icon.
  • Open your Applications folder on your hard drive, and drag the Remote Desktop Connection icon from the dmg folder to your Applications folder.
  • Double-click the Remote Desktop Connection folder.
  • Open the Remote Desktop Connection application.  
  • Select the Options tab or click the RDC menu and select Preferences.

General or Login 
Fill in your ThinHost login details. Domain should be set to THINHOST
Choose the Remote desktop size (we suggest Full Screen).
Open Remote Display 
Select Main Display
Colour depth 
Limit to Thousands
Local ResourcesDrives and Printers 
Choose the options you desire.
Select Always connect, even if authentication fails
File > Menu
Choose Save As. Name the file ThinHost and save it to your desktop (or somewhere else convenient).

  • Click the Connect and log in.

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