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Connect to your Hosted Virtual Desktop from a PC


Connect to your Hosted Virtual Desktop from a PC

  • Open the Remote Desktop Connection application
    • Click Start > (All) Programs > Accessories > Communications > Remote Desktop Connection
      (or on newer versions of Windows, just search for Remote Desktop Connection)
    • Press 'Options'
      • Computer: [server address] (e.g.
      • User name: (e.g.
      • Click the ‘Display’ tab: Click the ‘Local Resources’ tab:  Click the ‘Advanced’ tab:
      • Ensure the display configuration is set to Full Screen
      • Ensure the colour depth is set to 32-bit
      • Ensure ‘Printers’ and ‘Clipboard’ are checked
      • Click ‘More’, ensure ‘Drives’ is checked and click OK
      • In the drop down menu, choose ‘Connect and don’t warn me’
      • Click the ‘General’ tab and press ‘Save As’
      • Browse to your desktop, enter ThinHost as the File Name and press Save
      • Click ‘Connect’
      • If you receive a warning, check the “Don’t ask me again” box and click ‘Connect’

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