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Setting up a connection to Influence on your laptop is easy. You just need some basic info, an internet connection and a PC (Windows, *not* Apple Mac).

(1) Install K7 Connector

Install the K7 Connector that allows your PC to connect to the database.

- Go to

Find the item called K7Connector.exe and download this.
Once downloaded, right click and Run as Administrator

Click [Next]

IMPORTANT: When prompted  you must select Everyone who uses this computer (  ) then press [NEXT].

If this option is greyed out/unavailable you will need to contact your IT support provider and get them to install the software as a user with administrator privileges.

Keep clicking [Next] and follow the process through to the end.

Troubleshooting / Install problems.

When prompted for a location to install the software accept the default location.

Only *IF* there is a problem and the software will not install, then you will need to create a new directory on your PC, e.g. C:\temp\KCML and then use the [BROWSE] button to explore to this new directory and install the software there.

Choose files or drag and drop files
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