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Postal Address Lookup (

From version Influence has been able to integrate with to perform postcode lookup of addresses within the database. It is a simple, quick, reliable way to ensure accurate addresses by entering a postcode.

Version updated this with the latest API information.

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- System Setup

How it Works

System Setup

In order to use the postcode lookup service, you will require a subscription with       

The basic process is:

- Sign up with and receive your unique API key
- Store your API Key in the parameters in your Influence database.

That's it!


Step 1

- Go To and choose a plan to suit your needs. The basic plan allows 50 postcode lookups per day, other plans allow more.

- Once you have signed up, you will receive an email with your API Key.

Step 2

- Login to your Influence database with the userID 'ADM'

- Go to Maintenance > Setup > Parameters, choose File > Open and select the parameter set SYA - Address Formatting. Open the [Text] tab and store your API Key.

Once done, press [OK] to save the details.

That's it. The setup is now done.

IMPORTANTWe recommend that you keep a note  of your account details as you will need these in order to manage your getaddress account. We (influence) do not hold or store these details within the database.

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How It Works

Using the address lookup is really simple. On any address field in Influence, simply enter the postcode into the relevant field, then click the [...] button.


e.g. If you entered TR19 7AA  then clicked [...] the system will then display a Select Address box and you can just use the drop-down list to choose the relevant address.

That's it.

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