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Windows 11 - Drag and Drop onto Taskbar - Issues


If you have recently updated your PC or have a new laptop with Windows 11 then Microsoft has removed the ability to Drag/Drop a file directly onto the Taskbar

This means that where you used to simply Drag/Drop a CV document onto the Influence program in the taskbar, wait for it to pop-up, and then Drop the file into the system this can no longer be done in quite the same way until Microsoft put the feature back


This web page explains the current workaround options (as at Nov-2021) until Microsoft decide to add the feature back.

It seems that there are two main choices:-

Option 1:

Start dragging the document, then use ALT+<Tab> to cycle through the applications until you see influence, then stop and let it 'pop-up' under the fiel you were dragging,

Option 2:

You can download a "Fix" program that has been written as a Freeware utility by some kind programmer. (See advise from link above)

(Option 3): Move Influence 'slightly' out the way, then Drag/Drop onto the window.

The other option is to simply drag/drop onto the open window of Influence or onto a second screen, if you have a two-screen setup - but that might not be an option for everyone.

EXAMPLE: Drag/Drop file onto an 'already open' Influence session.

Hopefully these options will help. Until Microsoft themselves re-introduce the feature to allow drag/drop directly onto the toolbar there is nothing that we (Influence) can do other than the options above.

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