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Product Release Notes - Jan 2022-Dec 2022

This article gives details of features and fixes included in each release of the software. To see which version you currently have installed see this article HERE 

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RELEASE NOTES - Jan - Dec 2022

Important: All releases in 2022 will require an update to language version KCML7 (if not already on this) - the software can no longer be updated for old (KCML6) installations [Although their existing release version will continue to run].

Version History (Click an item to jump to that section)

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Release: (30/11/2022) Ver:


New UAC Control to Open Candidate/Company record on [Compliance] Tab 

A new User Access Control (UAC) have been added to allow users to open either the Candidate record or the Company record directly onto the [Compliance] tab.

The new feature can be found using Maintenance > Setup > User Access Control  
There will be two new Controls which Users can be added to; CANDCMPLTAB (Candidates) and CLICMPLTAB (Companies)

Any UserID's added to these UAC contols will open the record directly onto the [Compliance] tab. 

See the User Access Control support article for More info (HERE)

New 'Quick Search' Filter Added to Workbenches

The Quick Search filter which has been available from the Magnifying Glass 🔍 in the Toolbar has now been added a filer for the [Companies]/[Contacts]/[Candidates] workbenches. 

The filter allows users to search for Names, Emails, Telephone Numbers & Company Names. You can search for Multiple entries by separating them with a slash (/)
e.g. Smith/Jones/Haskell   or   079809/07801

Miscellaneous/Internal Developments

System now prevents deletion of a document/file if used for multiple compliance items. If a single file has been used to satisfy multiple compliance items the system will allow users to clear the document from any item, but it can only be deleted when associated with a single item only.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed an issue when using COGNITO FORMS to update existing records; the update was being recorded using the  'CV Updated' date. This is no longer the case.

- Fixed an issue when using a COGNITO FORM to update/upload a Policy Subscription. There was a problem when uploading details of a policy that was already subscribed to (suplicate). The issue has now been resolved.

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Release: (21/10/2022) Ver:


Vacancy Status Update Daemon

There is now a new Daemon (background Process) that can be setup to change the status of vacancies after a period of Inactivity. Once a number of days have passed 'LIVE' vacancies can be moved to a staus such as 'HOLD' or 'DORMANT'. The process can also be run manually from  Maintenance/Tools/Update Vacancy Status

There are 3 new parameters for this:-
RECF, Text(7) - Vacancy Update Status to Check
RECF, Text(8) - Vacancy Updata Status to change to
RECF, Integer(5) - Vacancy Update Status, No of Days Inactivity

(The daemon program is called CT/VACSU  - speak to Influence to help setup the automatic process if required)

Ability to Print SMS Log Report

It is now possible to export the SMS Log report as a *.csv file
The report can be found in Maitnenance > System Maintenance > View SMS log

Use the printer icon at the top left to print the report.

Auto Build Grids in Timesheet Entry, Edit Bookings and 'Rebook'

Three new parameters have been added to control whether the Grids in TS Entry, Edit bookings and Rebook will auto-build (or Not). Sometimes on larges systems it is best to turn this off, so that users can select dates, then click [Search] rather than waiting for the grid to build automatically before being able to make changes


TEMPS - Flag 37 - Auto-build grid on entry to Timesheets

TEMPS - Flag 38 - Auto-build grid on entry to Edit 

TEMPS - Flag 39 - Auto-build grid on entry to Rebook

Allowed Worker Pay Types on clients can now be Enforced rather than simply a Warning.

The [Accounts] tab of a client record allows users to specify 'Allowed Pay Types' (e.g PAYE Only, Umbrella Only, etc.). Previously this was advisory only (i.e. the system displayed a Warning but did allow users to override/continue)

It is now possible to make this mandatory so that the warning cannot be overridden, and is activated with parameter RECD, Flag(43).

Miscellaneous/Internal Developments

Auto Log-Off (& Exclusions)

It is now possible to specify an auto Logoff period for users. If a user has been connected for longer than the specified period with no activity, then their database session will be shut down and disconnected from the server.

Parameter TEMPS, Integer(13) to control booking overlap (if allowed)

Bug Fixes
- Sorted an issue when passing multiline booking fields to the Macro Manager from the [Has Worked] view under [Tools]. This now works as intended.

-  Fixed an issue when using timed rates with 2 shifts with different timed rates on the timesheet combi sheet, the times are calculated using the shift from the last booking instead of the shift for that day's booking

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Release: (07/10/2022) Ver:


Warning Message Displayed When candidate moved off "Live" Status

A new feature has been added to allow the system to display a customisable warning message if the Status of a candidate is changed from LIVE (or any synonymous Status) to a Non-Live status.

The feature is activated with parameter REC, Free(1) - Whenever a message is set against this parameter, then it will be displayed when the candidate is moved to a Non-Live Status.

Warning Message for £0.00 Pay Rate Bookings

It is now possible for the system to display a warning message if the Booking has a Pay rate of £0.00 to help prevent users forgetting to put a pay rate.

The feature is activated with parameter TEMPS, Flag(40) - Warn if zero basic pay when booking

Candidate Name search on [Contracts]workbench now searches Forename <or> Surname

The 'Candidate' search criteria on the [Contracts] workbench has been amended so that it will now search for the entered text in either Forename or Surname (and also ingores accented character such as é or É )

e.g. Searching for Jo will find contracts for candidates with names such as John Smith, Josh Long as well as Martin Johnson or Emily Jones.

TIMESHEET ENTRY / EDIT BOOKINGS - Filters for Company Owner/Booking Owner now allow the use of 'Teams'

W hen viewing TIMESHEET ENTRY (or EDIT BOOKINGS) it is possible to filter the displayed list based upon Booking Owner and/or Company Owner. These drop-down lists have been extended to include Teams - so if several users are set as part of the same TEAM/Dept then you can filter based on all of these users.

Warning Message Displayed for Non-Allowed Pay Types (Contract Placement)

On the [Accounts] tab of a client you can specify Allowed Pay Types  (e.g. PAYE Only, Umbrella Only, etc.) Some new parameters have been added so that if you try to place a candidate who does not have the right Pay Type set on their record into a Contract Vacancy the system will display a warning to that effect.

The new feature is controlled with two new parameters.

 REC, Flag(55) is used to turn on the feature.  REC, Integer(21) is used to specify what which stage of the workflow the warning starts to appear (Leaving as Zero will only appear at 'Placement' stage)

Pension Opt-Out for PAYE Workers

It is now possible to setup a Pension Opt-out tick box for PAYE workers. If ticked then when looking at illustrations of Pay on the Booking Entry/Timesheet Entry screen, pension will be excluded for these workers

The new feature is controlled with parameter PAYROLLB, Integer(7) - Pension Opt Out Candidate Tick box. The tick box will be shown on the [Summary]  tab of the Candidate record, and is setup using parameter ENIGMA VACANCY CHECKBOXES, Text(1-20)

Timesheet Entry - Apply Rate times

For those systems using 'timed rated' it is now possible to enter a weekly total within Timesheet entry, and then press the [Reset Hours] button to get the system to re-apply the rate time rules to the new hours, as-if re-entering the booking.

Sort [Consultant] drop-down alphabetically by name.

Users in the system are defined with a CODE and a Name (e.g. DESM - Derek Smith) and the  the [Consultant] drop-down lists in the system are sorted in CODE order. A new parameter SYSTEM, Flag(13) - Sort User dropdowns by name

Historic Date AWR Calculation

A new feature has been added to allow users to calculate a "historic" AWR figure for a date in the past. For example if a worker had worked for a client between  02/08/2021 - 11/10/2021, the AWR figure "Today" (Aug 2022) would show ZERO since there has been more than 6-weeks gap since they last worked there.

The new feature allows you to show that the AWR weeks figure would have been at a date in the past, such as 11/10/2021 - you can show the AWR calculation for candidates at Any date.

To use the new feature, simply go the the [Bookings] tab of the candidate, set the To: date and then click the [AWR] button    (See above)

Timesheet Entry - Display Warning for Fixed Rates

Within TIMESHEET ENTRY, when using the 'Combi Sheet' to enter the figures, the system will now display an information message if any of the days have been setup with Fixed Rates (as opposed to simply using the 'standard' rates from the client/candidate)

See below for example of Warning message

Allocate Same Booking Ref When filling Unfilled Bookings (TSP/Evertime Only)

A new parameter has been added PLACEMENT2 - Flag 26.

When an unfilled booking is filled, the system should check the rest of the week for the same booking for the candidate (i.e. Same Role/Shift/Site). If such a booking is found then the newly filled booking should take the booking_id from the existing candidate's booking to join the bookings together. This ensures that a single timesheet is created in Intime, Evertime or TSP.

CIS Approval Process/SDC check

Several enhancements have been added to aid with the booking and checking of CIS workers. Anyone working under the CIS Scheme (construction) must have a check to make sure they are not under Supervision, Direction or Control (SDC)

To help manage this it is now possible to setup the system so that the first time a worker whose Pay Type is set to "CIS" is booked to a Site/Role the system will automatically create a TASK for their first-day to remind users to check if they are being supervised. It also creates a Warning that will be displayed within TIMESHEET ENTRY to remind users to make sure this SDC check has been completed, prior to processing their first timesheet.

To enable this feature, several new parameter have been created.

TEMPS, FREE(1)   - Free Text code for CIS Warning  (We suggest this is set to CISWARN)

TEMPS, FREE(2) - Call Type for SDC Checks  (We suggest you set this to CIS )

TEMPS, FLAG(36) - Additional CIS Checks Y/N    (Set this to Y to enable the feature)

Site Ban at ALL Sites (Using Feedback)

The FEEDBACK system allows users to record a feedback score of -10 which will result in a site ban for a worker (i.e. They cannot be booked to the site again)

From this release, it is possible to set the site to 'All Sites' so that at clients which have multiple 'Branches' the worker is banned from ALL branches for this client. This can be done using the 'Branches' drop-down within the Feedback Entry form.

New Parameter for Multiline Compliance fields

It is now possible to restrict a Multiline field to a particular compliance Type - i.e. If you have linked compliance items together using Types (Code table - Compliance Types [233]) then it is possible to setup a merge field that will select specifically items from the chosen type(s)


Will list compliance items that are linked to compliance type "Medical" along with any compliance types that have no type association at all.

For more info about Multiline merge fields, see our support article HERE 

Miscellaneous/Internal Developments

- Amended AWR report to take account of 'Placed' contractors {i.e. those placed into a contract vacancy} where the STAGE of the MATCH has been progressed beyond PLA (Placed).

New parameter RECB, Glossary(26) has been added. If set to anything other than <Blank> or 'Book App ID' then the Blemish App ID field on the [Controls] tab of a candidate record will be re-labelled as per the parameter setting <AND> users will be able to see/Edit that field.

If any of the document names held in parameter sets ENIGMACAN, ENIGMACLI or ENIGMAVAC  are changed, then any existing records where the relevant document does not already exist will have the 'slot' name re-labelled to match the parameter. 

Single Sage Ref. when using Multiple Pay Types

Currently, if your system is setup to allow candidates to have Multiple Pay Types, each Pay Type can have its own (different) SAGE REF.
When this enhancement is activated, that is no longer the case; There is only one Sage Ref (Held against the candidate) and it gets used for all Pay Types.

The feature is activated/de-activated with a new parameter  REC Flag 54 - Edit Candidate Sage Ref by Pay Type

Bug Fixes
- Fixed a display issue on the [Compliance] tab of a candidate that incorrectly counted the number of 'blank' items in a section.

- Fixed an issue that could cause a system error when clicking 'paperclip' icon in the column headings within TIMESHEET ENTRY.

- Fixed an issue when using Timed Rates. In the case that there were more than 4 times setup it was possible for hours to be allocated to the wrong time 'slot' - requiring manual correction. This is now resolved.

- When using  Key codes rather than Attributes the system incorrectly displayed attribute filter icons in the Booking Entry form. This has now been corrected.

- When filling an UnFilled booking with a selected worker the system ignored the [Week Control] flags, and filled the whole booking rather than just the selected days. This has been fixed.

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Release: (11/07/2022) Ver:


Cost Centre/Profit Centre fields available for PERM placements

The fields for Cost Centre/Profit Centre which are available on the [Company] sub-tab of a Contract Placement are now available for entry on PERM placements. They can be found at the right-hand side in the [Invoice] section of fields.  see below 

'Quick Select' for Attributes based on ROLE

Within Attribute Maintenance it is possible to associate certain attributes with particular Roles. It is now possible to use these as a 'Quick Select' from within the candidate.

See below

Clicking the 'Quick Select' icon will pop-up a window showing only the attributes associated with a selected Role. (The role can be changed using the drop-down at the top of the window) 

The feature is activated with parameter TEMPS, Flag(35) - Cand Quick Add by Role Associate Type and can be set to R or B (Depending if it should look at Role associations or Booked Role associations for the list.)

Miscellaneous/Internal Developments

- Hover Tip added to 'Timesheet No' field in Contract Timesheets

Bug Fixes

- Fixed an issue for searching by ROLE code when looking for applicants imported from Cognito Forms if imported using the AUTO user / Automatic import.

- Fixed an issue with the Margin report which could cause incorrect Totals to be displayed at 'top level' of Margin report. (Individual items were correct - display issue).

- Improved the way that CONTRACT Placements are considered by the Margin Report; from this release it will only consider placement record at the stage PLA (Placed) or better.

- Fixed an issue with booking entry that allowed the creation of overlapping bookings when editing a pre-existing booking.

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Release: (07/06/2022) Ver:


Client RAG Report (Compliance) can show TEAMS for Consultant

When viewing the Client RAG report, it is now possible to show the Main Team/Other Team next to the UserID

e.g. UserID GO is a member of 'Team' 0052 and TEST.  The new feature is activated with two parameters:  RECD, Flag 41 = Main Team on Client RAG,  RECD, Flag(42) = Other Team on Client RAG 

New Filters on Candidate [Compliance] tab for Mandatory/Warn/Other

When viewing the [Compliance] tab of a candidate record, it is now possible to filter the displayed list of items based on Mandatory/Warn/Other.

Three new tick boxes have been added, and can be used in combination. e.g. Ticking Mandatory [  ] and Warn [  ] will display both Mandatory and Warnable items, but exclude all others.

Miscellaneous/Internal Developments

- New parameter added to Multi-Line/compliance Merge field. ROLE=XXXX
This can restrict the output to a specific ROLE.

- Parameter COMPXML, Text(10) - Auto Tick Compliance from Import (CSV or *) added for Archer/Portal import.

- Parameter RECE Glossary(27) - Label for Project on Vacancy added to allow the [Project] field at the top-centre of the VACANCY record screen to be re-labelled. It is simply a 30-character Text field, so can be re-labelled for something else if required.

Bug Fixes

- none

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Release: (19/05/2022) Ver:


Grace Period for Compliance Checks

A new feature has been added to allow a 'Grace period' for Mandatory Compliance checks. Within the Compliance Setup option for any Mandatory items it is possible to specify a number of 'Warning Days'.

If users attempt to make a booking when the item is not complete, the system will display a WARNING, but allow the booking to proceed, and record the date of this first booking. For the next XX days (Warning Days) the item will be treated as a Warning rather than Mandatory.  e.g. 

Candidate RAG report can show Consultant Main/Other TEAM

When viewing the candidate RAG report it is possible to set the system to display the Main/Other TEAM from the Consultant record, as well as their UserID


RECD Flag 39Show Main Team on Candidate RAG Report

RECD Flag 40Show Other Team on Candidate RAG Report

Client 'Manager' field on a Contract Placement can now be made Mandatory 

Within a CONTRACT Placement,  on the [Company] tab of the Contract there is a [Contacts] section at the right-hand side. It is now possible to make the 'Manager' drop-down mandatory.

NOTE: The field labelled manager is actually the field Other_Client_Contact from the Placements table and can be made mandatory in the usual way via Table Maintenance.

Add fixed 'cc' Recipient to email Templates

A new field has been added to the Template Editor within Influence to allow the provision of a specific 'cc' Entry. If an email address is entered into the 'cc' field of the template, then when the email is passed to MS Outlook, the relevant email will be added to the 'cc' field in Outlook.

NOTE: Any email addresses added as 'cc' in the Template do not get saved as a 'cc' in the Journal itself, but are simply passed to MS Outlook as a 'cc' contact.

Vacancy Job Spec now allows Multiple Templates to be linked to a single document slot

On the [Docs] tab of a vacancy it is possible to link multiple templates to the 'Branded Job Spec' document at the top of the list.

In a similar way, the [JSpc] item on the Vacancy workflow will also offer users the choice of multiple Job-Spec documents which they can make.

Miscellaneous/Internal Developments

- Improved the way that Booking control is managed for Multi-Office systems on the [Bookings] tab of the client.
The 'Owning' Office: Can Add/Delete/Edit all bookings at this client.
Any 'Allowed' Offices: Can Add Bookings, and Edit/Delete Bookings made by their own office (but not any other offices).

If a user tries to amend something that is not 'owned' by their office, the system will display a warning.

Bug Fixes

- Various minor bugs have been squashed.

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Release: (09/05/2022) Ver:


UAC allows setting Mandatory fields by 'System'

The UAC (User Access Control) system has been extended to allow the setting of Mandatory fields by system. For customers who have multiple systems under the same Environment, this means they can have a field Mandatory in one system, but not in the other.

Database 0001 - Industrial  Mobile - Not Mandatory
Database 0002 - Driving       Mobile = Mandatory

Additional Filters on 'Consultant Metrics' export

The option for Export Consultant Metrics now includes an additional filter to allow the figures to include/exclude certain users based on a flag from their UserID

Parent-Subsidiary Report

A new report has been created to allow users to report a list of the Parent & Subsidiary structure from the database. The report can be found in Maintenance > Reporting Tools > Parent/Subs/Branches

Miscellaneous/Internal Developments

- Added the ability to link a server login to an Influence UserID. This will allow for the possibility of single credential login in future.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed an issue which could case the 'Date Placed' field to be hidden on the PLACEMENT tab of a perm vacancy. Field now always remains visible.

- Fixed an issue with the setup of 'User Access Controls' interacting with individual compliance-item setup. System now correctly respects all UAC controls over compliance item access.

- Fixed an issue with Logo/Branding merge field that meant logo's did not come through *if* the Logo merge field was inside a single-cell table.

- Fixed an issue when hiding contact fields (such as telephone/fax/mobile) on a candidate that meant the field was hidden, but the icon remained.

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Release: (11/04/2022) Ver:


Google Map Pins view

When viewing a list of candidates/workers in Influence it is possible to display the results as Google Map Pins.

Clicking on a Map Pin will allow the user to display the candidate/worker address and open the candidate/worker record card within the database.

Expired Compliance item dates Highlighted on Worker/Client [Compliance] Tab

When viewing the [Compliance] tab of a worker or client the expiry dates of any ticked/completed items can now be highlighted. Red - Expired, Yellow - Near Expiry, White - OK. The feature is activated with two new Parameters. 

REC_E, Flag(34)- Highlight compliance expiry date on candidate
REC_E Flag(35 ) - Highlight compliance expiry date on client

(The system looks at the 'Report Days' in the compliance item setup to decide if it is 'near expiry' or not)

Recording of Rate changes in Booking Log (Optional)

Recording of rate changes is now optional in the booking Log. If parameter PAYROLL, Flag(57) is set to 'Y' then any rate changes on an existing booking will be written to the booking log, showing the Old Value/New Value.

Create Booking Match (Site Association) from Worker or Client

Whenever a candidate is Booked to work at a site, the system will create a Booking Match that links the worker to the site/client.

It is now possible to create a booking Match prior to creating a booking.

From the Worker:
Go to the worker record in the TEMP CENTRE, choose the [Work History] tab of their record and then click the [New] button at the bottom left to create a new Booking Match.

From the Company:
Go to the Company record from the TEMP CENTRE in Influence, and choose the [Worker History] tab. Click the [New] button at the top right to search and link a new candidate to the client/site.

Excel Import Templates now include 'Comments' in heading.

When using the Client/Contact Import from Excel <or> Candidate Import from Excel options, clicking [NEW] will now open a template in Excel, which includes Comments in the header row to make it easier to complete the template.

Login to TEMP CENTRE by Default (rather than WORKBENCH)

For systems where users predominately deal with TEMPS and TEMP bookings, it is now possible to setup the system so all users Login directly to the [Temp Centre] option rather than the [Workbench]. The feature can be activated with parameter PRO-TEMP, Text(3) - Default Login to Temp Centre

Candidate workbench, [Compliance] filter now allows 'Days since Start'

It is now possible to search easily for Candidates whose Compliance items have 'recently' passed their 'Start Date'

e.g.  If you were looking for Qualified Accountants, who had passed within the Last-30 days, this can easily be done using the new filter.

Candidate Booking Match now allows 'Site Ban'

From this release it is now possible to use the Booking Match which links a candidate to a site as a mechanism to Ban a worker from a site.
A new parameter TEMPS, Flag(34) controls whether the Match record allows a BAN or to simply Suppress (Hide) the candidate from the site on the planner.

Laptop Mode & Choice of System Area at Login

The 'My Profile' (House) icon now allows users to select Laptop Mode, as well as to specify which system area they wish to login to by default (Normal/Workbench/Temp Centre)

Laptop Mode:  Puts smaller button at the left hand side - ideal for Laptop screens.
Login To: Allows users to choose if they wish to login to Temp Centre, workbench or follow whatever is set as the system default. (See parameter PRO-TEMP, Text(3) )

Timesheet Entry allows selection of Other Consultants as Company Owner 

Within timesheet entry the company owner filter will now look at Other Consultants from the  [Misc] tab of Company Profile.

This is activated with Parameter Temps, Flag (33) - Edit Bookings Company Owner - Check all 10  

Login TEST button added to Broadbean Credentials Page

If you are using the Broadbean integration, it is now possible to TEST the login details from within Influence.

If everything is OK you will receive a Verified message, otherwise it will tell you that the password/details are incorrect.

Quick Search Filter added to Workbenches

The Quick Search feature that is usually available from the Toolbar has now been added as a filter to the Workbenches, including [Companies], [Contacts], [Candidates]  and [Planner].

This searches names, emails, telephone & Mobile numbers in the same way the Quick Search icon (magnifying glass) in the Toolbar.

Client Importance Feature added to PLANNER Workbench

The [PLANNER] now includes a filter for Client Importance

Grid Formats can be applied to Search Results from older (Searching) system

The older [Searching] screens in Influence now allow users to Apply custom Grid Formats to the search results.

Horizontal/Vertical lines can be applied by clicking the 'Grid' icon  (each click cycles through Horizontal/Vertical/Both/None)

Grid Formats can be Applied by clicking the 'Refine Columns' icon and choosing a layout.

It is possible to design New Layouts for the Search results by clicking the small Plus (+) at the top left of the Format selection window.

Export Pay & Charge Rates Report now include Pay Type and Rate Type description columns

The Export Pay & Charge Rates report now includes two additional columns for Pay Type and Pay Code Description

The report can be found in Maintenance > Tools > Export Pay & Charge Rates

Changes to Compliance Expiry Checks for Contracts

This release has introduced some changes to the way Compliance item expiry dates are checked when placing workers into Contract positions.

For any Mandatory compliance items which have been setup it is now possible to set the system up as below:

Applicant has Compliance items which expire before the contract starts:
  Candidate cannot be placed.
Applicant has compliance items which expire after the contract ends
No problem - Candidate can be placed
Applicant has compliance items which expire less than XX days after the start of the contract (Where XX are the 'Reporting Days' for the item)
Candidate cannot be placed, since there may not be enough time to get a new/valid item.
Applicant has compliance items which expire more than XX days after the start of the contract (Where XX are the 'Reporting Days' for the Compliance item)
Users will be warned that the item expires during the course of the contract, but will be allowed to place the worker.

The new checking process can be activated with Parameter RecD, Flag(35) Contract Cmpl Warn only if expiry after start

Miscellaneous/Internal Developments

- (Internal) Assorted changes and efficiency improvements to the handling of imports from Cognito Forms.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed an issue which could result in match statuses being incorrectly sorted on the workbench.

- Fixed an issue which caused [CAPTURE] button to disappear from New Candidate Form. Button is now correctly shown when adding New candidates.

- Corrected a problem with the sorting of the 'Completion %' column (if displayed) on the [Candidate] workbench. Column now sorts correctly.

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Release: (25/02/2022) Ver:


Create a Group of Candidates/Contacts from email list

A new feature has been added to allow users to create a GROUP based on a list of email addresses. Once the option is opened users can paste in a list of email addresses and press [Create]. The system will then scan the database (Candidates/Contacts) and build a GROUP based upon any matching email addresses it finds.

The GROUP can then be used to Update those records, for example to change their Status.

The option can be found in Maintenance > Tools > Create Group from Email Address List

Ability to Drag/Drop Multiple Timesheet documents onto a single 'Timesheet Entry' screen.

Within Timesheet entry it is possible to drag/drop a scanned copy of the completed timesheet into the system, which will then be stored against the candidate. Previously this was limited to a SINGLE file (i.e. the file that contains all the details for the week)

It is now possible to drag/drop multiple documents (one at a time) onto this Form. That way it is possible to have several individual timesheets stored to make up the details covering the entire week.

The new feature is controlled with Payroll, Flag(54)

Automatic Update of Bank Holiday Dates.

The system holds a table of Bank Holiday Dates -  (The table of dates is held in Parameters, Payroll, Date(1-10) ) but these would need to be manually updated each year.

There is now a New Parameter 
PAYROLL FLAG 56 - Auto BH Dates EnglandWales/Scotland/NI (Blank/E/S/N)

When set this will automatically read the bank Holiday Dates from the Government Web site and will be used in Preference to the old table (above)

Improved message for Restricted Roles.

If you have activated the Restricted Roles feature (Parameter PAYROLLB, Flag(35) ) then the message you get when you try to book someone into a role they are not allowed for has been improved.

Margin Report can (optionally) include Unfilled Bookings

The Margin Report has been enhanced to allow it to include figures/Hours from UnFilled bookings. Simply tick the new option (Top right) to include these figures.

Contact Role codes restricted by Office

From this release it is possible to restrict the CONTACT Roles by Office. The feature is controlled with parameter RECD, Flag(22)

Once turned on, then the code table Job Titles [006] can have additional text added to indicate if a code belongs to a specific office, e.g. [[OFFICE=????, ????]] where ???? are the office code(s) for which the Role is allowed. 

Ability to [Hide] Booking Match added to Thumbs-up/Down from [Planner]

The Thumbs-up/Thumbs-Down feature on the PLANNER now displays the 'Hide [   ]' tick box to allow the booking match/worker to be 'hidden' from the planner on weeks where they are not booked.

{Previously this was only available by opening the Booking match from the [Work History] / [Worker History] tabs of the Worker/Client.

The new feature is activated with parameter PAYROLL, Flag(58)

Photo Can be shown on Candidate 'Front' page

The Candidate record can now (optionally) display the candidate photo from the [Personal] tab next to the Address.

The new feature is activated with Parameter NEW PARAMETER - REC FLAG 53 - Display candidate picture on candidate front page

Ability to prevent 'Pre-selection' of files for Attachments

Parameter ProfessWB, Text(32) - No Ticks for Attachments on Emails can be set to prevent any attachment types being pre-ticked when dragging/dropping emails

See above.

Client RAG report now includes 'Department' selection

The Client RAG Report has been enhanced. The [Consultant] drop-down now includes 'Departments' at the bottom of the list.

Code tables can be exported directly to Excel or CSV

It is now possible to export the contents of a CODE TABLE, e.g. ROLE CODES, directly into MS Excel.

Go to Maintenance > Setup > Codes Tables. Select the table you wish to export, then click the [Excel] icon at the bottom of the screen. You will be prompted for a password before the data is then exported.

Miscellaneous/Internal Developments

- (Internal) A new environment variable PCG_LIC_PATH has been created to allow multiple systems on a single server to use a single license file. If set, the PCG_LIC_PATH will be used in place of .../system/PCG_LIC.txt (where ... is the influence folder)

- (Internal) Limit the number of sessions from single users to less than 4 as an option. Environment variable ENV("LIMITLOGINS") will be used for this. 

This must be a value between 1 and 3. Outside this range or a non-numeric value, the limitation will be set as 4.

Bug Fixes

- None

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Release: (21/01/2022) Ver:


Minimum Margin for Bookings (Warning).

The ability to define and enforce a minimum margin on bookings has been added.

The minimum margin can be set up against individual teams and/or offices (depending on the system setup), as well as a system wide minimum that can be used if the team margin has not been set.

Margin will be displayed in red if it is below the specified %age and booking will be stopped when pressing OK.

It is possible to allow specific users to override possible by using UAC code -  MINMARGIN

The feature can be turned on with parameter  PAYROLL, Real (15) - Minimum Margin% for Bookings.  In the case of Multi-Office systems, the value can also be held against the office code [005].

Referral Tracking report now moved to [Admin] workbench.

The Referral Tracking report has now been moved t the [Admin] workbench area to make it more accessible. This is a great tool for tracking any Refer a Friend  type schemes you may have and allows you to manage who has been referred, who referred them, and what commission/bonus should be paid.

For more information about this feature, see our article HERE

Ability to Set Multiple Roles as 'Equivalent' for AWR Counter Purposes

Sometimes it is necessary or desirable to book a worker using a different ROLE CODE, that is equivalent to another, and thus adds to the existing AWR counter, rather than create a new one. (AWR counters are usually separate by ROLE)

Step 1: 

Go into the 'Original' role code and add the following Text' to the code using the icon at the right hand.


Step 2:
Activate the feature with NEW PARAMETER - AWRDOCS - Flag 24 - Allow Role/Job Code Parity

e.g. If the job codes ADM, ADMN and ADMR are all equivalent for AWR, so against the ADM code we add into the text a marker as follows (Note - Comma separated)


If a booking with ADMN or ADMR is found, the counter record is created/updated for ADM.

Cognito form for Availability (Example Template)

It is possible to import candidate availability for TEMP workers using a Cognito Form. An example Template is available, which can form the basis of a form you design. 

The form can allow users to submit availability for multiple weeks. For more information see our support articles about using and designing Cognito Forms.


- (Internal) Made some changes to the way that the 'Path' is stored on records within the database. All objects now use the $$PATH variable, rather than recording the full path.

- New Environment Variable added to allow the use of 'Pandoc' as an alternative text converter for CVs:   PANDOC_PATH  can be set to .\programs\pandoc\pandoc.exe

- Various improvements within the GDPR (Padlock) with performance improvements to the deletion of records,  clearing records checks for existing bookings, etc.

Bug Fixes

- Sorted an issue which meant companies/contacts/branches selection was removed from on-spec multi search on candidate match tab.

- Fixed an issue that meant the 'Office' filter in TIMESHEET Entry could sometimes miss records for member of a TEAM.
- Corrected an issue when exporting the RAG Report to MS Excel. Dates are now exported in the correct format.
- Fixed a crash from candidate workbench when searching using PayRef No + another item such as Surname.

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