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Google Map Pins

From version (or later) Influence has had the ability to display the results of a workbench search as Google Map Pins.

NOTE: In order to use this feature you will need to download/install the Chromium Shim extension for the KClient software that is used to connect to your Influence database.
It can be downloaded from

How it Works

Go to the relevant workbench (e.g. [Candidates] ) and run a search like you normally would. Once the results are displayed on-screen, simply click the Google Map Pin icon in the toolbar to display the results on Google Maps.


1. A new KClient and Chromium integration is required. Please contact Influence Customer Services for More information.

This indicates that you need to install the Chromium Shim. Follow the instructions at the bottom of the page. After you have installed the shim, uou will need to reboot your machine.

NOTE: From 20th Feb 2022 Google updated their API and it will be necessary to install the Chromium Shim in order for this feature to work.
Step 1:  Close all Influence sessions.
Step 2: Go to and download the ChromiumShimSetup.exe file. Once downloaded  follow the onscreen prompts to install the add-on. Once installed,  re-start your PC and login to Influence.

The Google Map Pins feature will then work.

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