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AWR Report

Within Influence there is an AWR report. This will keep track of the number of weeks that a worker has attended site. It also provides an area to store/record any AWR paperwork related to the worker/site. Once a worker has attained the relevant number of AWR weeks AWR rates will be applied if necessary.

The AWR report counts working weeks for both TEMP workers and for placed contract workers (provided that they are on a running contract with the MATCH status set to PLA (Placed) )

The report is usually setup to run automatically overnight, so that the figures get rebuilt, but can also be run manually.

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System Setup

How to rebuild the figures

Where you can see the figures

How to send email to Contact/Candidate


System Setup

The way that the AWR report works can be amended using various system parameter to take account of different interpretations of the rules.

PAYROLL, Flag(38) AWR by Site, Parent, Check Site
If you have Company records that have multiple Branches, you can determine if AWR weeks are counted by Client or by Branch
PAYROLL, Integer(16) No. of Weeks for AWR
This controls when the system will apply any AWR rates to bookings (if they exist)
PAYROLL, Integer(17) Max Gap for AWR
No. of weeks after which AWR will be reset
PAYROLL, Integer(22) AWR Weeks for Yellow in Grids
When will AWR counter turn Yellow
PAYROLL, Integer(23) AWR Weeks for RED in Grids
When will AWR counter turn red
PRO-ADMN, Priority(8) AWR Report
What priority level of user can see the 'AWR report' in the [Admin] section

For the report to automatically run, there should be a Daemon process setup. High priority users (or userID ADM) can check this by looking at Maintenance > Setup > Daemon Management > Daemon Process Configuration

There should be an AWR Daemon setup, similar to below, and it will show the date/time it was last run.

How to Rebuild the Figures

Normally the report is run automatically overnight, so there should be no need to run the report.  If you do want/need to run the report manually this can be done from
Maintenance > Reporting Tools > Build AWR Counters  (See below)

Simply click [OK] to run the option. after the figures have been rebuilt the AWR report will reflect the new numbers.

Tip: The other option that users have is to rebuild an individual counter - this can easily be done by clicking on the [Counter] itself, then choosing [Rebuild]

Example of an individual rebuild of a single counter.

NOTE: The figures on the AWR report look at TEMP Bookings and also at Placed Contracts. For Contractors the system looks at the 'Dates' of the Contract Placements and will only consider matches at the Status of PLA (Placed)

How to Run the Report/See the Figures

The most common place to see the AWR figures is via the AWR Report.

This can be seen in two ways

i) [Admin] > [AWR Report]  
ii) Maintenance > Reporting Tools > AWR Report

Once the report opens click [Run] to see the figures. Items will be listed with the largest numbers at the top.  Normally

Counts of 1-6 Weeks will be displayed as Green

Counts of 7-9 Weeks will be displayed as Yellow

Counts of 10+ Weeks will be displayed as Red

The Individual AWR counters are seen in various places throughout the system, including areas such as PLANNER, Worker History, etc.  See below for examples

Worker History


When clicking on an AWR counter if the worker has multiple counters then the system will display all counters for the worker. Counters can be rebuilt using the [Rebuild] button.

How to send emails to Client/Candidate from the AWR report

From version (or later) the AWR report has been enhanced and now allows users to send emails to with the CONTACT or the CANDIDATE in order to request/send AWR information.

Clicking the MACRO ⚙️ icon will give a choice of Candidates or Contacts

Within the Macro manager it is possible to create email templates which include merge fields relating to the Client, Site, Role, AWR Weeks, etc.

NOTE: If a candidate appears on the report more than once, they will have multiple entries in the Macro manager, each one relating to the specific AWR counter.
e.g. If a worker were at 9 weeks for their role as Receptionist and 6 weeks for their role as Office Adminitrator then they would have two entries in the Macro manager.


Some additional filters/features have also been added at the top of the AWR Report

Min Weeks [   ]
Users can specify the minimum number of weeks to display, e.g. 9 will only show records with 9 weeks (or more)
Pay type [  ] 
The list can be filtered to only display candidates with a specific Pay Type
Show Umbrella Co [  ]
This will display the name of the Umbrella Company for the candidate on the report (if applicable)
Hide Ticked [  ]
This will hide any AWR counters that have been ticked to indicate the details are known/completed.
Booked this Wk [  ]
This will restrict the list to show only candidates who have a booking 'This week'.
Pay Per [   ]
Allows the list to be filtered based upon pay period (Hrly / Daily)
The filter icon at the top right allows users to click on specific items on the report, and filter to those items.



Any other miscellaneous info will be added here.

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