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Setting up Outlook 2011 on your MAC

ThinHost does not officially support Outlook 2011 due to its compatibility issues with Microsoft Exchange Server 2003.
However, although unsupported it is possible to connect Outlook 2011 to ThinHost using the IMAP4 protocol. Please note that the synchronisation of contacts and calendar will not work in this scenario along with some other Outlook folders.


  1. Open Outlook 2011 and click the Tools menu > then Accounts
  2. Click the + symbol in the lower left of the window and enter the following details:
    1. Account Description: ThinHost
    2. Full Name: [your full name]
    3. E-mail Address: [your e-mail address]
    4. Username: [your username]
    5. Password: [your password]
    6. Incoming server:
      1. i.  Override default port: [unchecked]
      2. ii.  Use SSL to connect: [unchecked]
      3. iii. Always user secure password: [unchecked]
    7. Outgoing server:
      1. i.      Override default port: [checked]
      2. ii.      Use SSL to connect: [unchecked]
    8. The box to the right of ‘Outgoing server’: 2525
  3. Click ‘More Options’
    1. Authentication: User Name and Password
    2. User name: [your username]
    3. Password: [your password]
    4. Unqualified domain:
  4. Click OK, then close the window
  5. Lastly, from the Tools menu, choose IMAP Folders and subscribe to all the mail folders you wish to synchronise with Outlook 2011.

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