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Transferring data between a Hosted Desktop and your computer


You can easily transfer data between your PC and your Hosted Virtual Desktop.

  1. Highlight the file or folder you with to transfer
  2. Press Ctrl+C to copy the data (or right-click the mouse and choose Copy)
  3. Open or minimize your remote desktop (depending on which direction you are transferring the data)
  4. Within the folder you wish to transfer the data to (this can be your desktop if desired) press Ctrl+V (or right-click the mouse and choose Paste)
  5. The data will now copy
Note: if this copy/paste function doesn’t work, then your Remote Desktop Connection will need to be reconfigured

To enable this functionality:

  1. Right-click your Remote Desktop icon and choose Edit
  2. Click Options
  3. Click the ‘Local Resources’ tab
  4. Click ‘More’
  5. Ensure ‘Drives’ is checked and click OK
  6. Click the ‘General’ tab
  7. Click Save
  8. Lastly, you can click Connect or simply close the window.

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