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How Do I - Add a File to a Mailshot Templates


When performing a mail shot, if you need to send a file attachment at the same time, the best way to proceed is as below:

Before you Start creating the template - Use MS Windows Explorer to find the file you wish to attach so that you have this easily to hand.


1)    Create your Contact search, tick all the recipients, then click the Macro Button.


2)    From the Macro manager choose a Call Type  then click the Edit Template button. This will open the Template Editor screen. Enter the words for your Template into the white area of the Template editor screen, and give the template a description & Subject (bottom left)




3)    At the top of the screen choose the menu DATA > Open Template Folder.

When the Template folder opens, copy the file that you want into the ../Templates folder.


Then Drag/Drop the file from the ../Templates folder onto the Attachment bar at the bottom of the Template Editor screen.


NOTE: In the ’attachment’ bar of the template, the document name & path cannot exceed 80 characters.


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