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How to Add a new Workflow Document Template

Influence can hold template documents specifically for each type of record in the system (Candidates, Clients, Contacts, Vacancies and Placements). Simply clicking on the Template icon from the Documents tab of any of these records will create a blank, partially completed template of the specific document which can then be completed and stored against that record.

Any of these stored templates can then be attached to emails or journals, and easily sent out.

To Create a New workflow document

  • Login to Influence as ADM (Administrator)
  • Choose Maintenance > Setup > Parameters. Once the parameters open, choose File > Open.
  • Select the relevant parameter set for the area you wish to add the document to

ENIGMACLI -  choose this to add new document templates to Client records

ENIGMACND – chose this to add new document templates to Candidate records

ENIGMAVAC – choose this to add new documents templates to Vacancy records

CONDOCS – choose this to add new document templates to Contacts

PLACEMENT – choose this to add new documents templates to the Placement record*

[* the placement record is different than the vacancy record, and refers to a vacancy that has been placed.]

  • Choose the TEXT tab, and enter a name for the new document in the “value” column in the next free slot of the document items (1-10)


  • Enter a 3-character pre-fix for this document in the “Document Prefix” slot.

e.g.  If you added Terms & Conditions as Document 3 (item 3), then you could to put the three digit prefix (TAC) into slot 13, “Document Prefix 3”

  • Click Apply to save these new documents, and then click OK to save & exit from the parameters, and close the Tools menu.

The above process has told the system that a new template is required. Next, you will have to actually create the template that
this workflow document will call upon.

This document explains how to add new documents, or to edit existing system documents.

  • From the Maintenance > Tools, choose Template Maintenance
  • Ensure you have selected WORD at the top/centre of the screen.
  • Type a new name into “Template Document” next to the button with 3-little-dots.
  • Then press <TAB> If editing an existing document, then you do not need to enter a new document name, and can simply click
    the dots to find the existing document to edit.
  • You will then be able to complete the “Description” with a description of your document.
  • Use the drop-down to choose the correct “Template for” area (Candidates, Vacancies, etc)
  • Use the drop-down to select the “Document Type” – The new document you created is stage 1 should be there, so choose this.
  • Tick “Save Created Document”, Click “Apply” and then click [Edit Template]

  • Once you have clicked “Edit Template” you can use MS Word to create the template.
  • To add fields from influence to your template, simply choose the relevant field from the list in the ‘Template Editor’ pane, and double-click the field.
  • When you are happy with the template you have created, simply click “Save” in MS Word.

  • Finally, check that the new document exists and works
  • Go to the area where you added the document, and choose the documents tab

(In our example, Clients > Documents, then view click the MS Word/Template Icon to create a new document)

In the example above we can see the newly created ‘Graemes New Client Document’

To create one, simply click on the MS Word Icon next to GCDB0155.doc  

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