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Favourite Views

Favourite views are a quick and easy way to setup particular views of the database and also allow users to easily export data in the form of lists or reports. By selecting suitable filters and criteria it is easy to create various system reports and figures using each of the workbench areas.
From version (or later) it is also possible to create Shared Views which are visible to all database users and help provde a consistent method of working. (You can find out more about Shared Views by clicking here.

Example Favourite View:

To create a list of candidates added in the last 7 days, select the [Candidates] workbench and complete the relevant filters for
Created Date from [dd/mm/yyyy] to [dd/mm/yyyy] then press [GO]
The system will display a list of results.

If this is a view or list that you may refer to regularly you can create this as a favourite view.
To do this click the 'Add Favourite' button (star with a + on it, shown at the top right) - give the favourite a name/description and click [OK] to add the favourite.
You can re-select the favourite using the Favourites bar shown at the left of the system.

Having re-selected a favourite, you can amend the columns that are displayed and the order they are displayed in.
Click the 'Favourite Column Selection' icon at the top right. (on older system it looks like a spanner)
Use the Column No. to determine where a piece of information appears or set to 0 to hide this information. Once you have set the order for the display, click [OK] the select the 'Update favourites' button to store this layout.
[Button looks like a star with a pencil on it, at the top right of the screen]

Newer systems (Ver. or later) allow you to add more fields to the choices available.
(e.g. the [Vacancies] workbench allows you to choose fields from the Vacancies, Clients, Sites or Contacts tables)
Click HERE to see more information about adding fields.


Exporting Favourite Views

It is possible to export the grid of information seen on-screen when using a favourite view. To do this click the Excel Icon at the top right of the screen.

You will be asked for a password to print the grid. (This password will only be released to company owners or authorised personnel)Having entered the password the system will display a print preview screen.
You can click the [Excel] button to export this information directly into MS Excel, but will be required to enter another password to do so.

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