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How to Add Standard Documents

Standard documents are used by the Influence Professional as a way of storing files that never change, but are regularly sent out.

Examples of standard documents include, Terms & Conditions, Agency Profiles, and Letters of Introduction. All of these documents that are fixed and are not edited each time they are sent, should ideally be stored in the system as Standard Documents.

Note: Do not confuse these with either Templates or workflow documents. Both of these contain pieces of ‘variable’ information, such as Candidate name, Company address, Telephone numbers, or Vacancy details, which should change and be specific to any Job/Candidate/Company

Please follow the link below for the video guide or proceed further below to follow the Pictorial guide (if preferred):

Adding a New Standard Document

Adding a document is a two stage process;
- Store the document.
- Set the parameters to let the system know the name of the new document.

- Step 1: Storing the Document

Go to Maintenance > Tools > Explore Templates folder.

Drag/Drop your new file onto the screen to store it.

- Step 2: Setting the Parameters

This lets the system know the location of the new document you have added.

Go to Maintenance > Setup > Parameters
Choose File > Open and select one of the parameter set STANDDOCS(1-10)

  1. Use the [PATHS] tab to set the document name - which must be identical to the name of the file you drag/dropped in. (e.g. Example_T&Cs.docx  -> don't forget the file extension.)
  2. Use the [GLOSSARY] tab to set the ‘description’ for this document that you wish to see within Influence.  (e.g. XYZ Recruitment - example T&Cs ) 
IMPORTANT: The new items you have added will not appear under the (paperclip) until you hit the [CLEAR] button at the bottom left of the paperclip.

Using Standard Documents

Go to a record (e.g. Candidate, Company or Vacancy) and click the small paperclip icon at the top of the screen. You will see a list of all the 'Standard Documents' you have added, which can be opened by clicking on them. To refresh the list and see any new documents which have been added click the [Clear] button at the bottom left.

If you are sending an email, then clicking the paperclip at the top of the Email Entry form will allow you to select one (or more) of the documents and it will be attached to the email when sent.

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