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How to add an Active search to your Home page

Active searches keep you up to date with new candidates added to the system that match the criteria of live jobs your are currently filling.
(It is also possible to create active searches to monitor vacancies or contacts added to the system but the candidate type is far more common) 

To setup an “Active” Candidate search to help fill a Vacancy

1)      Go into a Vacancy, select the [Matches] tab and click Search
2)      When the candidate search appears, enter all the criteria you want (eg Attributes, CV Text, Salary range, etc)
3)      When done, click the small “Active” tick box at the bottom of the search page to make this an active search.

Note: This will actively search for candidates for Live vacancies only. It will stop once the vacancy is placed or dead.

To setup an “Ad Hoc” active search

(i.e. not linked to a specific vacancy) that will ‘permanently’ alert you to new candidates with particular skills and abilities you can do the following.

  1. Choose [Searching] at the bottom left of the main screen, then select [Candidates] and press [New] to start a new candidates search.
  2. Define the criteria of your search (e.g. Attributes, CV text and Salary range) then give the search a Description (bottom centre)
  3. Tick the ‘Active’ check box at the bottom of the search.

This is now an active search and will display on your HOME page.
Any time a new candidate is added to the system which matches the criteria of this search, then the active search on your home page will indicate this by adding a "Zap" to the right hand side of the active search.


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