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How do I – Confirm Multiple Interviews in a single email

It is possible to confirm multiple interviews in a single email from within the vacancy matches page.

This facility only exists in Influence Professional versions later than  

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Setting up the Interviews

Creating the Email Template

Additional Info

Setting up the Interviews

In order to send a multi-line confirmation you will first need to create the interview details in Influence.

Go into the vacancy, choose the Matches page and click in the 1st (2nd or 3rd) workflow check box. When the Interview Details screen appears you can enter the Date/Time of the interview.
Simply place a tick in the confirmed box next to the [Interviewer] button. (You’ll send their confirmation later)
You may then click the [Interviewee] button to send an individual email to the candidate if you want.  When done click [OK]

Having clicked the [OK] button the system will set the Status for the match to 1st. (or 2nd or 3rd)

Important – Only items with an ‘interview’ status (1st, 2nd 3rd) will be considered in the multi-interview confirmation.

Interview dates MUST be in the furue - the system will ignore any 'past' Interview dates when building the table/list

Next, click the Journal icon at the top of the vacancy screen (looks like a telephone).
This will open a Journal Entry screen.

You will need to set the Method to email, and then choose the relevant Type (usually CLII – Client Interview Conf).
The system will then allow you to choose a template. You should select the template you have created for Multi-line Interview confirmation.

NB: If you have not created a suitable template you will need to make one – usually by clicking the [Edit] button.

On some systems, the call type CLII -Client Interview Confirmation (w) will be 'Hidden' from normal journals -
You will need to make sure that the call type is not hidden, and be sure to remove the (w) from the description, i.e. CLII - Client Interview Confirmation


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Creating the Email Template

When sending a multi-line Interview confirmation email, you will need to have created a suitable email template.
The easiest way to create the template email is to go through the process as if you were going to send a confirmation,
and then use the [Edit] button on the Journal Entry screen to create a suitable template.

Once it has been created, this ‘master’ template will be used as the basis for every other multi-line interview confirmation that is subsequently sent.

When the template Editor screen opens, ensure that the Scenario is set correctly,
i.e. Method=E, Call Type=CLII (or whatever your type is), Direction=O, Where=VAC
Ensure the Controls are correctly setup for Display, and Global.


In the body of the journal, enter the text you want.
For the repeating section (multi-line confirmation) ensure you choose the Special Fields from the Catalogue on the left, and select the Multiline field. 

This will add:

[[MULTILINE=?????]] multiline details [[/MULTILINE]]

????? - replace this with INTERVIEW (in capitals).

Multiline details - replace this text with the details that you want to send by choosing fields from the Catalogue.
Whichever fields are chosen will form the body of the email and be repeated for each candidate who is sent.
Typical examples are Candidate forename/Surname, Interview Date & Interview time.



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Additional information

It is possible to use a similar principle to send multi-line interview confirmations to a candidate.
In this case you would need a similar email template to the one above, but the Scenario needs to be setup as:

Method          : email
Call type        : CLII (or whatever your call type is)
Direction        : O - outwards
Where           : CAND        



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