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Copying a Temp Booking

Below is a simple guide for Copying a TEMP booking

How to Copy a ‘Day

  1. Use the Planner, enter the Company for whom you want to enter bookings and click [GO]
  2. Once you see the planner for that client, apply any other filters you wish (e.g. Role, Booked By)
  3. Choose Select Day from palette, and click on any booking from the chosen day. You can then click on bookings on that day to toggle on/off the copy function.
  4. Click Copy on the palette.
  5. Click Paste Day on palette and then select the day on the planner into which the bookings will be copied.


  1. After copying the bookings to the new day, you can (cancel) any un-wanted bookings that were copied to the new day.
  2. You can copy bookings for individual candidates into future weeks by using Select and click on the relevant bookings on the current week displayed to toggle them on/off. Then click Copy on the palette. You may then scroll to a future weeks and use the Paste button to paste the copied bookings into the future weeks. (You can’t copy individual bookings from one day to a different day of the same week. Use the Book button for this)

TIP: If you tick the ‘All Temps’ box it will show ALL temps who have worked at that client. When the box is un-ticked it will ONLY show workers who are booked* during the selected week.

Note: The booking* may be at the selected site, or at ANY OTHER SITE. Bookings from other sites are shown in GREY.

From verison or later

Booking  text copied when bookings are copied using the Planner.

It is possible to use Select/Copy/Paste on the [Planner] to copy bookings from one week to the next. When these bookings are copies it is now possible to copy any associated NOTES along with the bookings.

There is a new parameter that controls which Text will be copied along with the bookings. Parameter TEMPS, Flag(43) controls this.

Setting Details
N No text is copied. (works as it does now)
K This copies the  BooKing 'Header' Text.  This is the text associated with the 'whole' booking so a 3-day booking might have one set of 'Header' text for all 3 days
S This copies the Shift Text. This is the text associated with a specific DAY - e.g. a 3 Day booking might have some text associated with ONE of the 3 Days, and when copying the bookings, that text would be copied to the correcponding Day.
e.g. Text from Wed 8th Mar would be copied forward to Wed 15th March
B Both. This will copy both the BooKing header text <AND> the Shift text for the set of bookings being copied.

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