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How To Mass Update Candidate Records

The ‘Set Values’ option from within a search allows users to easily update a group of  candidates to amend fields or add information. This feature is restricted to the UserID "ADM" and one other user as specified in Parameter Workbench, Text(4)

How to Set Values en-Masse

Run a candidate search, find all your candidates. Place a tick next to the candidates that you wish:


Choose Set Values and then click the Advanced button. You will be asked for a password – enter the password, and then click OK.

Select the field that you wish to amend, e.g. status and double-click. Enter a new value for this field, and click OK. Answer yes when prompted if OK.

N.B. When making changes the code must be entered not the desctiption - e.g. ACT instead of Active

NB: If you want to set the ROLE CODE for candidates, then there is a specific option to set the role code at the top of the “Set Values” Page.

The system will have updates the selected records with the new value.

You should ensure you have a full backup of the database before you start amending values.

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