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Import CVs from a Folder

Before you start

Ensure that the CVs have been saved into a directory that is visible on the network, and can be seen by both your PC and by the Influence server.

Step 1

Login as the ADM user, and choose [Maintenance] > [Tools] > Candidate Import.


Click the [...] button to open the candidate import folder.
(Note: if you are using Influence Direct you will not be able to click [...] and must type or copy/paste the name of the local folder containing your CVS e.g. C:\TEMP\Import_CVs )
Specify the path to the folder containing the CVs, and drag/drop the CVs you want to import into a folder here.

Ensure that Recreate Documents is ticked
(This is for internal Influence use only, and must always be left ticked.)
Choose from any of the other options such as Set Status, Set Role, etc. These will allow you to set these fields for the entire batch.

If you wish to see any potential duplicate candidates then tick the Show Duplicates option.

Click [OK] to run the option.

Step 2

Wait!  Depending upon how many CVs, the system may take a while to pre-process these documents. If you import LARGE batches of CVs, this can be a slow process.
(Tip: We recommend importing in batches of no more than 200-300 CVs at a time.)


Make sure that there is a tick next to all the CVs which you wish to import.
Any potential duplicate candidates already on the database will show with a purple icon, and pink Ref. number.
You can open duplicate candidates by clicking the purple icon.
You can open any of the import CVs by clicking the document icon on the left.Import the new CVs by clicking [Import]

Step 3

In the case of any errors (usually duplicates) these can be seen by viewing the Errors tab.


If you wish, you could make a note of the CVs which are duplicates, and then manually Drag/Drop these documents onto the existing candidate records in order to update those candidates with the latest CV.

Note: Originally the bulk upload tool did not have the ability to update the CV for existing candidates if a duplicate is found.  After version the system will now handle duplicatesWhen the system finds one or more duplicates, the first duplicate will be updated with the new CV, new skills, etc. All other duplicates will have this new documents stored on their DOCS page in a folder called Duplicates to indicate that a (potentially) newer version of the CV exists.

Tip: There is a normally directory specially setup for importing CVs from on your Influence server, called Import_Candidates which can usually be found in the following way.

Start > Computer > My Network Places, then find the folder called Influence_Docs. Inside this folder should be a directory called Import_CandidatesCreate yourself a new directory in this folder, e.g. MyCVs, and then drag all the CVs you want to import into this folder.
e.g. \\server\Influence\Influence_Docs\Import_Candidates\MyCVs

 If you do not have access to this folder/directory, because of the setup or permissions of your infrastructure, then either speak to your IT support provider OR create an alternative folder on the server/network and point the import tool at that instead.

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