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How to Find Duplicate Candidates

Login as the user ADM (Administrator) > 

The select Maintenance > Reporting Tools > Standard Reports,
then choose “Candidate Duplication List



Once the option runs, you will see a screen with various choices, and some on-screen instructions. You may leave the choices as they are, or amend any options you wish then click [OK] to run the report.



Once the report has run, you will be presented with a list of potential duplicates. You can print the list if you wish. You will now need to go and check these records to see if they are duplicates, and if so, which record you want to keep as the ‘Master.

Once you have identified all of your duplicate records, it is possible that you may wish to MERGE records together to create a SINGLE record for a candidate or mark the records for Deletion.

How to Mark for Deletion.

Simply go into the 'unwanted' candidate and then change the Status to DEL - Marked for Deletion.


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