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How to Re-Scan Candidates to add new Skills (Attributes v2.0)

How do I – Re-Scan Candidates to add new Skills (Attributes v2.0)

If you add a new Attribute/Skill to your Influence Professional system, you may want to re-scan candidates CVs to see if they have the new skill. The software has a special utility to allow you to re-scan all your existing candidates within the Influence Professional system, and update their candidate record with the new attribute.

Login as Administrator (ADM)

Maintenance > Setup > Attribute Maintenance.

Once the attribute maintenance screen appears, use the [Rescan] button at the bottom of the page to start the rescan process.


NOTE: If you have a large database of candidates this may take a LONG time – it is often best to run this overnight, or for very large databases over the weekend.

(Example, if the system re-scans 5 CVs per second, and you have 150,000 CVs that’s 30,000 seconds, i.e. over 8 hours)

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