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How to Run a Candidate Search

How to Run a Candidate Search

The Influence Professional software has the ability to allow users to run candidate searches to find specific Key Codes, as well as the ability to search the CV text.

Note: Much of the searching can now be done from the [Candidates] workbench so there is little need to go to the older [Searching] system. From the workbench you can directly search for CV Text, Attributes (Skills) as well as Roles and 'enhanced' fields such as Date of Birth or Nationality.

If you need to use the older [Searching] system this can be done in the following way.

Select the Searching area of the workbench. Choose the candidates button and then click on the NEW icon to initiate a new search.

(It is possible to open previous searches by selecting any of the historic magnifying glass icons, such as “last week”, “last month”, etc.)


Once the search screen opens, give the search a name, and then click [Apply]. The system will then allow users to click the [Criteria] button and choose the Key Codes that they wish to search for.


The criteria selection screen (shown below) allows users to choose the Key Codes that they wish to search for. It is possible to search the skills matrix by setting the show drop-down to All, and then entering details of a criteria into the filter field at the bottom left of the screen.


In order to add a Key Code to the Query, just click on the attribute itself in the attribute tree  (e.g. DB2, MySQL or ORACLE) and it will be added to the Query on the right of the screen. Key Codes which have been selected will be indicated by a small grey bar to the left of the Key Code itself in the attribute tree.

It is possible to determine the LOGIC for the query by choosing the ‘AND/OR’ column in the query grid. Brackets can be added to the query logic by clicking the relevant columns of the Query logic grid. (In the example above, there are brackets before Oracle and after MySQL)

The screenshot above shows that the Key Codes for Db2, My SQL and Oracle have been selected from the Attribute tree. They have then been combined together as

(Oracle OR MySQL) and DB2

i.e. The system will search for candidates who must have the DB2 attribute, plus one of either Oracle or MySQL.

You can Test the search logic by clicking the [Test] button at the bottom of the screen.

When happy with the search logic you have created, simply click the OK button to return to the search screen.


The LOGIC you have created will be shown in the criteria area (highlighted in yellow). Click the [Search] button at the bottom left of the screen to actually run the search.

Once a list of candidates has been returned you can MARK the candidates by clicking the Tick All button (or Cross All)


Clicking the [OK] button will save the search and then exit from the results page.

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