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Add an attachment to a Journal Template

When sending emails (journals) from your Influence Professional database it is often handy to be able to have a particular file that is automatically attached whenever you send that template. This guide explains how to attach a file to a journal automatically.

1) Click on an email address and choose the relevant template as if you were going to send your email, but do not click [OK] to send this.

2) Click the Edit Template button - this will open the Template Editor screen, with the content of your email displayed.
From within the template editor screen, choose Open Template Folder at the top left.

3) When the ....\Templates folder opens, Drag/Drop the file(s) that you want to attach into this template folder.

4) Click and DRAG the file out of the template folder and onto the [Attachment:  ] bar at the bottom of the template editor screen.

The system will now attach the chosen file automatically, every time you send/use that email template.

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