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  • Firetext Setup

    Influence now has the ability to integrate with firetext , a great SMS facility, which you can now integrate with Influence Database. See more at Basic Process 1) Get in touch with ...

  • Status Change date filter on [Candidate] workbench

    Status Change Date Filter on [Candidate] workbench From version (or later) it is posisble to filter the [Candidates] workbench by Status Change. This allows you to find out information suc...

  • Connections - Setup and Use

    Connections From version onwards there is a new 'Connections' feature.This allows you to record connections for Candidates/Contacts/Companies, such as ...has worked a Friend of......

  • How To Use SYNETY (CloudCall)

    For Synety to work you must have at least version of Influence. You can find which version you are running by following this guide: